Arm & Leg Padding, Bracer Padding, Padded Greaves, and Cuisse Padding
Protect your arms and legs when wearing your medieval armour with the selection of arming wear and padding available at Medieval Collectibles. We carry a variety of protective padding for your limbs including padded bracers, padded greaves, and padded cuisses. Our padding comes in styles that work perfectly for medieval, crusader, and gladiator looks, and each piece is carefully constructed to ensure a minimum of armor rubbing, pinching, or sliding.
Medieval Arming Caps, Functional Arming Caps, and Padded Arming Caps
We have padded arming caps for wearing under your helmet or chainmail coif. Medieval Arming caps give added comfort and sometimes help by making the helmet fit better. Our arming caps come in different sizes and colors. Medieval Arming caps can also be use for when it is cold outside to keep your head and ears warm. Our Medieval arming caps are quilted and re-enforced to provide durability and strength for continued use.
Medieval Gambesons, Functional Gambesons, Padded Gambesons, and Arming Gambesons
If you are wearing steel armor a gambeson or padded under armour is a necessity for you. These Medieval gambesons will help eliminate being pinched by the steel armor every time you move. Medieval Gambesons are very popular for wearing under leather armor and chainmail armour for added comfort. Medieval gambesons come in a variety of colors that range from black, brown and white. Our functional gambesons come in sizes from small to extra large.