Celtic Princess Tiara
Item #: 12254
The Celtic Princess Tiara is metal plated in sterling silver. This princess tiara measures 1.125 inches tall and 5.5 inches in diameter. There is a comb on each end of the tiara to secure it on your head.
Price: $27.00
Center Crown Tiara
Item #: 12034
The Center Crown Tiara is metal plated in sterling silver. This princess tiara measures 1.25 inches tall and 5.5 inches in diameter. There is a comb on each end of the tiara to secure it on your head.
Price: $14.85
Classic Princess Tiara
Item #: ST4035
The moment that you place a tiara upon your head, you want to feel like a glorious princess. With this Classic Princess Tiara, you can instantly possess the look of a majestic fairytale beauty in your costume or formal ensemble.
Price: $41.00
Cleopatra Tiara
Item #: ST2830
Modeled after the opulent and elegant style of a famous Egyptian queen, the Cleopatra Tiara is a striking and rich accessory that goes great with a variety of ensembles and costumes, all while featuring an incredibly distinctive look.
Price: $49.40
Crystal Clover Tiara
Item #: ST3433
With a grand clover as its centerpiece, it is not hard to see where the Crystal Clover Tiara gets its name. This impressive tiara is a fantastic accessory that possesses a flowing shape and a striking appearance.
Price: $31.00
On Sale For: $23.00
Crystal Feather Tiara
Item #: ST4172
Feathers can make beautiful decorations. The Crystal Feather Tiara takes that notion a single step further by utilizing attractive rhinestone crystals to create impressive and dazzling feather-like designs.
Price: $38.20
Crystal Fleur de Lis Tiara
Item #: ST4125
With its elegant, swirling curls and attractive decoration, this Crystal Fleur de Lis Tiara is a striking accessory that can be added to a variety of different looks, ranging from historical to contemporary all the way to fantastical.
Price: $17.00
Crystal Pave Comb Tiara
Item #: 12436
Sometimes, extravagant is the way to go. When you want a stunning hairpiece that truly is a shimmering display of crystalline opulence, you want this Crystal Pave Comb Tiara. The silver and the crystals will ensure that you glimmer.
Price: $19.00
Crystal Snowflake Circlet
Item #: ST4131
Crystalline and beautiful, ice can be a great medium for creating beautiful works of art. Granted, the Crystal Snowflake Circlet is not made of ice, but it features the same shimmering look in a classic snowflake-shaped style.
Price: $24.40
Curling Floral Princess Tiara
Item #: ST4008
In a flourish of swirling curls and elegant crystals, the Curling Floral Princess Tiara can be implemented into ensembles from medieval to magical. It also makes a great choice as an accessory for a wedding or any other formal event.
Price: $24.00
Dazzling Rhinestone Tiara
Item #: ST4123
What princess is complete without a tiara, her signature headpiece? With a name that perfectly describes it, this Dazzling Rhinestone Tiara is sure to enhance whatever costume, wedding attire, or formal wear that you have planned.
Price: $17.00
Egyptian Tiara
Item #: ST2831
The Egyptian Tiara is modeled after the style of jewelry one would expect Egyptian royalty to wear. Fit for Cleopatra herself, this stunning tiara has a distinctive, exotic style that makes it a perfect accent for many looks.
Price: $49.40
Elegant Crystal Scrollwork Tiara
Item #: ST2724
Placing a glittering tiara on your head is a great way to instantly feel like a princess, and why should you deny yourself that feeling? With the Elegant Crystal Scrollwork Tiara, you can possess the look of royalty in an instant.
Price: $10.00
Elegant Crystal Tiara
Item #: ST3994
This tiara borders on crown, possessing a decorative look fit for a queen. The Elegant Crystal Tiara uses a complex design and several crystal decorations to create a look that is distinctive and overwhelmingly impressive.
Price: $73.20
Elven Garden Tiara
Item #: 12298
The Elven Garden Tiara is metal plated in sterling silver. This princess tiara measures 1 3/16 inches tall with a flower that has a center rhinestone. There is a ring on each end of the tiara to secure it on your head with a bobby pin.
Price: $12.00
Elven Leaf Comb
Item #: 12193
This fairy comb is made of rhinestones and pearls with a flower and leaf design. The Elven Leaf Comb is metal plated in sterling silver and has a comb in the back. The Elven Leaf Comb measures 1.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide.
Price: $21.60
Elven Maiden's Pearl and Leaf Tiara
Item #: 12192
Sometimes, it is the subtle touch of elegance that has the biggest impact. This Elven Maidens Pearl and Leaf Tiara is small and subdued, yet the elegance of it makes it a powerful element to use in a wide variety of looks and styles.
Price: $21.00
Elven Princess Tiara
Item #: 10949
The Elven Princess Tiara is metal plated in sterling silver with 76 crystals. This princess tiara measures 1.375 inches high and is gorgeous. There is a ring on each end of the tiara to secure it with a bobby pin on your head.
Price: $12.60
Embellished Arch Tiara
Item #: ST2725
While a tiara is meant to add a stunning accent to an ensemble, that does not necessarily mean it needs to overpower your outfit. The Embellished Arch Tiara is a great way to wear a headpiece that is beautiful but not overbearing.
Price: $10.00
Emerald Tiara
Item #: ST4133
There is something decidedly Celtic about the Emerald Tiara. The combination of a gold base with green and translucent white rhinestones creates a design that is eye-catching and pleasing, as well as rich and regal.
Price: $47.40
Fairytale Princess Crystal Tiara
Item #: 11515
The impressive gleam of this Fairytale Princess Crystal Tiara is quite the sight to see. It sparkles like stars in a night sky, and for good reason, as the many crystals lend this accessory a look befitting the most noble of maidens.
Price: $36.50
Floral Crystal Crown
Item #: ST3998
With its impressive design and beautiful, sparkling appearance, the Floral Crystal Crown is an accessory fit for any occasion. This accessory consists of a headband adorned with beautiful shapes and striking rhinestone decorations.
Price: $41.20
Floral Filigree Tiara
Item #: ST3997
Possessing a delicate and intricate appearance worthy of royalty, this Floral Filigree Tiara is a beautiful accessory that combines opulence and striking design to create an item that looks fantastic with a variety of styles.
Price: $32.40
Floral Garden Tiara
Item #: 12301
This Floral Garden Tiara is the perfect combination of beauty and natural design, serving to enhance any maiden it adorns. The tiara is made from metal and plated with beautiful sterling silver, which gives the tiara an elegant shine.
Price: $12.00
Flowing Leaf Comb
Item #: ST4130
With its distinctive and natural style, this Flowing Leaf Comb makes a fantastic addition to any elven princess or lady attire, as well as a great accent that could be worn by any woman who loves that touch of natural beauty.
Price: $13.80
Full Stone Tiara
Item #: 8491
The Full Stone Tiara is plated in sterling silver with rhinestones. The princess tiara measures 2.5 inches high and a comb on each end of the tiara secures it on your head. The Full Stone Tiara will make every woman feel like a princess.
Price: $76.00
Gilded Floral Tiara
Item #: ST3435
Looking like a flower garden gilded in precious metals and encrusted with vibrant crystalline decoration, the Gilded Floral Tiara is a striking and impressive accessory that will give any woman the look of nobility or royalty.
Price: $33.80
Gilded Garden Tiara
Item #: ST3430
Named due to its impressive arrangement of flower-like shapes, the Gilded Garden Tiara is a pretty piece that combines the sophisticated glimmer of rhinestones with a natural shape that looks like it could have been grown.
Price: $32.20
Gilded Leaf Tiara
Item #: ST3376
Drawing upon stunning designs of nature to create a thing of beauty, the Gilded Leaf Tiara is an attractive headpiece and fashion accessory, which features elegant vines that seem to grow up out of little rhinestone seeds.
Price: $14.00
Gilded Open Heart Tiara
Item #: ST2723
Having a kind and giving heart is something to be proud of, and it is something that all of the great princesses have. You can display the openness of your heart in your regal or formal ensemble with this Gilded Open Heart Tiara.
Price: $10.00
Golden Princess Tiara
Item #: 12436G
A touch of gold adds striking contrast to the crystalline gleam of this Golden Princess Tiara. Arrangement also factors into the design, as the crystals are arranged in such a way to evoke thoughts and visions of sparkling flowers.
Price: $21.00
Golden Renaissance Circlet
Item #: ST4421G
No jewelry piece creates a statement quite like a crown. The Golden Renaissance Circlet features twisting loops in an elegant, yet regal arrangement. This round, delicate crown is made of high quality metal and displays a golden tone.
Price: $10.80