Firearm Replicas

Do you need a firearm stage prop or are you a firearm collector? Medieval Collectibles has many replica firearms from the past and modern times. From the Civil War, we carry Civil War pistols, Civil War rifles, and Civil War muskets, which are truly authentic to that time period. Remember the old flintlocks that were used before the Civil War. Well we have them, Flintlock muskets, Flintlock rifles, flintlock pistols, and blunderbuss pistols. Flintlocks are great for stage props, and pirate costumes and outfits. If you are looking to be an outlaw, U.S. Marshall or a cowboy we have western pistols, six shooters, western revolvers and western rifles. Finally we have modern firearm replicas like the AK-47 tactical assault rifle and the Lee Enfield rifle. All our firearm replicas have functional parts like the trigger and cylinder but that will not fire live ammunition. These firearm replicas cannot be altered to fire making them very safe for children and collectors. Please use these firearm replicas responsibly.
Blank Firing Firearms and Cartridges
Blank Firing Firearms & Cartridges

There are times when even the most realistic looking prop gun needs that added bang. And when it comes to an added bang, nothing delivers quite like a blank firing pistol. At Medieval Collectibles, we are eager to present you with a new assortment of firearm replicas, which you can find here in our Blank Firing Firearms and Cartridges section!

Cap Guns, Cap Pistols, and Cap Revolvers
Cap Guns

When you need the perfect prop firearm for your performance, be sure to check out the cap guns here at Medieval Collectibles! These toy guns are great for the theater, re-enactments, and collections, as they possess a realistic look and are even able to fire caps in a realistic simulation of gunfire. We also provide cap rings and cap gun cartridges for reloading your toy revolver, pistol, or rifle. Each weapon features a legally required red tip.

Flintlock Pistols, Percussion Pistols, and Blunderbuss Pistols
Flintlock Pistols

We now carry a full line of flintlock pistols, percussions pistols and blunderbuss pistols. These flintlock pistols are safe and are non-firing. Flintlock pistols, percussions pistols and blunderbuss pistols are great for stage props, theaters, or collectible pieces. Flintlock is a general term for any firearm based on the flintlock mechanism.

Steampunk Pistols, Steampunk Flintlocks, and Steampunk Prop Guns
Steampunk Pistols

Our collection of steampunk firearms contains an excellent variety of styles to suit steampunk costumes and theatrical performances. We carry replica guns like steampunk flintlocks, steampunk revolvers, and Neo-Victorian pistols. Our non-firing guns make great steampunk accessories for many cosplay looks, finding the perfect balance between vintage Victorian guns and futuristic pistols.

Flintlock Muskets, Flintlock Rifles and Blunderbusses
Flintlock Muskets and Rifles

Flintlocks were said to be invented by robbers who found matchlocks to be unsatisfactory when they lighted their matches it gave away there whereabouts at night. Wheellocks were too expensive back in the 16th century. Medieval Collectibles carries both the flintlock muskets and flintlock rifles that are authentic as the originals but do not fire live ammunition. The two most well known flintlock rifles are the British Brown Bess and the Kentucky flintlock rifle.

Western Pistols, Cowboy Pistols, Cowboy Revolvers and Calvary Revolvers
Western Pistols

Medieval Collectibles is proud to present our full line of western pistols. These pistols are the most popular to collect or use as costume props, stage props or in theaters. These old west pistols are truly authentic looking as the originals making them historically accurate. Western pistols have functional parts like the trigger and cylinder but that will not fire live ammunition. Medieval Collectibles even has holsters that you can store your six shooter, by your side. Western pistols are great for kids and gun collectors.

Western Rifles, Cowboy Rifles, Old West Rifles and Wild West Rifles
Western Rifles

Medieval Collectibles has Western rifles that have functional lock mechanisms and parts giving them an authentic and working model of the originals used during the Wild West. Our Western rifles are great for stage props, theaters, and safe for kids and family events. These western rifles do not fire live ammo making them very safe to use. Back in the old west both U.S marshals and outlaws used them to kill one another. Our western rifles are great for gun collectors and reenactors. The Western rifles we carry are made of cast metal with polished European hardwood.

Civil War pistols, Civil War Revolvers, Confederate pistols, and Union pistols
Civil War Pistols

Medieval Collectibles has Civil War pistols and revolvers just like the ones that were used during the war. These Civil War pistols and revolvers are very authentic looking in detail and have a functional parts. The Civil War pistols do not fire live ammo making it safe for children and stage prop use. Most of our Civil War pistols come in different finishes and work with authentic replica bullets giving you that look and feel of a real pistol. Medieval Collectibles has Confederate pistols, Union pistols, Revolver pistols and military pistols from the Civil War period.

Civil War Rifles, Civil War Muskets, and Enfield rifles
Civil War Rifles

Medieval Collectibles carries replica Civil War rifles and Civil War muskets, just like the ones that were used by the Confederate and Union armies at the battle of Gettysburg. These Civil War rifles have functional lock mechanism but they do not fire live ammunition. The most popular Civil War rifle was called the Enfield Rifle or Enfield musket. The British pattern 1853 rifle musket was the second most widely used infantry weapon of the Civil War.

Modern Firearm Replicas and Denix Firearm Replicas
Modern Firearm Replicas

Our modern firearm replicas are guns and rifles that have been created within the last 100 years. Modern firearm replicas include the .357 magnum in all barrel lengths, the most well known AK-47 tactical assault rifle and the Lee Enfield rifle just to name a few. All our modern firearms are just replicas and can not fire live ammunition. These firearms are made to look authentic as possible to the originals.

Replica Bullets, Pistol Bullets, Dummy Bullets, and Denix Bullets
Replica Bullets

Medieval Collectibles has bullets that are designed to look authentic and real as possible but cannot be altered to fire as live ammunition. They are intended for display and theatrical uses only. These replica bullets are designed to fix Denix replica pistols and rifles only. Replica bullets have solid metal castings and can be purchase singly. Some of the bullet replicas can fit in our holster models HR-001 and HR-002 to give you that cowboy or outlaw appearance.

Leather Holsters, Leather Gun Holsters, Double Holsters and Civil War Holsters
Leather Holsters

We have pistol holster, Civil War holsters, Western gun belts and gun holsters are made from top quality leather. Our Western gun holsters are great for re-enactments, stage props, roleplaying, and cowboy shootouts. The western gun belts come in a variety of sizes and styles. We have left draw holster, right draw holsters, and double holster. Some of our gun belts are equipped with shell loops to accommodate the replica shells or bullets and the holsters have leg-ties to fasten them securely to your leg. We also carry a wide variety of Civil War holsters that are available in brown or black leather.

Firearm Display Stands
Display Stands

Guns, even replica ones, are something of a hard item to display. But here at Medieval Collectibles, we understand that sometimes, a replica firearm is just too intriguing and too pivotal to a collection to leave it boxed up or, heaven forbid, just lying around without proper attention or display. Which is why we offer a number of simple, yet attractive display stands that are perfect for transforming any of your replica firearms from an intriguing collectible into a focal point of your collection.