Steampunk Jewelry

There is no questioning that wearing Steampunk jewelry is a decidedly unique experience, one that Medieval Collectibles is all too eager to provide to you. And in order to offer you this intriguing experience, we offer a wide assortment of tasteful Steampunk-styled jewelry. In a Steampunk world, steam yet remains the dominant power and so the general style of the world at large is irrevocably altered slightly; gears are prominently featured in almost every technological work. And because they are so common, they are a celebrated aspect of many pieces of Steampunk jewelry; in addition to the dozens of gears, cogs, and fly-wheels you will find decorating our Steampunk jewelry, you will also find several other mechanical doo-dads that defy expectation and logic. Clock-work rings and winged sprocket medals sit proudly alongside technological marvels such as mechanical dragonflies made from gear boxes and metal bits. You will find propellers and chains and odd amalgams of technology co-mingling to create a style of jewelry that is all at once both antiquated yet pseudo-modern in look and theme. To some, Steampunk jewelry is nothing short of esoteric. But to many, the word esoteric is just a compliment that defines how unique and strangely appealing our Steampunk jewelry really is.
Steampunk Bracelets, Gear Bracelets and Clockwork Bracelets
Steampunk Bracelets

The wrist is just another open place to adorn yourself with fancy techno-gadgets and do-dads when it comes to Steampunk style! At Medieval Collectibles, we have got all the Steampunk gear you could want, and in our Steampunk Bracelets section, all of it comes with the convenience of being worn directly on your wrist!

Steampunk Brooches, Gear Brooches, Clockwork Pins and Steampunk Pins
Steampunk Brooches & Pins

If you've got on your Steampunk pendant and your goggles, as well as enough rings to cover your fingers and bracelets to swallow your wrists, are you out room to decorate yourself with Steampunk emblems? Why, no! There's still likely plenty of space on your vest, shirt, or coat lapel, which can decorated with any one of our great Steampunk Brooches & Pins!

Steampunk Cufflinks, Clockwork Cufflinks and Dragon Eye Cufflinks
Steampunk Cufflinks

Adding a touch of Steampunk styled flare to your ideal outfit just got easier, thanks to Medieval Collectibles' Steampunk Buttons & Cufflinks section. Here, you'll find both Steampunk buttons as well as Steampunk cufflinks, both of which are perfect for adding that esoteric and eccentric, yet amazingly appealing touch of personal style to a wide assortment of garments.

Steampunk Earrings, Gear Earrings and Clockwork Earrings
Steampunk Earrings

Not all Steampunk gadgets are big, bulky things that you carry around. Some are small, designed to be no bigger than your ear because that's where they go! You'll find a few novel little gadgets like that here at Medieval Collectibles, as well as countless other impressive and intriguing little adornments here in our Steampunk Earrings Section.

Steampunk Medals, Bar Medals and War Medals
Steampunk Medals

Even in a Steampunk setting, nothing speaks of personal accomplishment and status like a medal pinned on your chest. Our Steampunk medals loosely replicate the appearance and feel of modern-day medals, which ensures that when you wear a Steampunk medal from Medieval Collectibles, you wear an accessory that looks and feels every bit as impressive as a real-world medal.

Steampunk Necklaces, Gear Necklaces, Clockwork Necklaces and Steampunk Pendants
Steampunk Necklaces & Pendants

Medieval Collectibles has Steampunk Necklaces & Pendants for every occasion, and more importantly, for every profession! In a world powered by Steam and inhabited by all manner of amazing little gadgets and gizmos, why settle for just a pretty necklace when you can have a pendant that looks great, and allows you to navigate, communicate, or anything else?

Steampunk Pocket Watches and Steampunk Watches
Steampunk Pocket Watches

Ah, the pocket watch. It was once a staple of fashion that all men carried, as much for reasons of style as for being able to tell the time at any given moment. And with its Victorian, old-world style and influence, the pocket watch has again become standard fair for men of a Steampunk setting, although Steampunk Pocket Watches are a little more showy than their historical counterparts.

Steampunk Rings, Clockwork Rings and Gear Rings
Steampunk Rings

Steampunk jewelry is well-known for its eccentric design and its inclusion of gears, cogs, cranks, and other pieces of machinery, and when it comes to the Steampunk Rings located here at Medieval Collectibles, they do not fail to deliver an impressive and eclectic style or a great level of detail, which renders each one an impressive work of Steampunk ingenuity.