LARP Weapons

These LARP weapons are made to look like the real thing and will last for years of roleplaying. Our LARP Weapon are the best quality and safest weapons on the market today. We are proud to carry these LARP weapons and swords, bring what has been commonplace in European LARPing and re-enactment to the US. These LARP weapons are ideal for Live Action Role Playing, theatrical props, sword re-enactments and sword fighting. Medieval Collectibles is your leader in supplying your LARP Weapons and LARP swords. Our Selection of LARP Weapons include swords, daggers, axes, oriental weapons, maces, shields and Hammers. Medieval Collectibles is always added new LARP weapons and swords to our catalog so be sure to check back with us soon. We are sure you will find what you are looking for! Our LARP weapons are beautiful and will last on average 1-2 years of use without mistreatment. So consider building or buying a latex boffer weapon and having to repair or rebuilt it constantly over the costs of one of these weapons. Our LARP weapons and swords require a larger initial expenditure than building one yourself, but in the long run the beauty, realism, durability, and safety of our latex weapons makes owning one of these weapon a genuine pride and a joy. We also offer LARP leather armour to protect that LARP character from his opponent.
LARP Packages, LARP Gear Bundles, Beginner LARP Kits, and LARP Archery Sets
LARP Packages

Medieval Collectibles provides excellent LARP gear packages for role-players of all experience levels. These LARP packages combine affordability and convenience since most of our LARP bundles include a weapon, shield, maintenance spray, and other accessories like belts, frogs, and bracers. We also offer LARP archery kits with LARP arrows, a bow, and a quiver. Be sure to snatch one of these special LARP packages before your next event!

LARP Props
LARP Props

Sometimes, you need more than just weapons and armor when LARPing. And for those occasions, Medieval Collectibles has a selection of LARP Props, ranging from macabre battle trophies to curious little animals to full-sized creature props to suit all your LARP Prop needs.

LARP Swords, LRP Swords, Live Action Roleplaying Swords, and Latex Foam Swords
LARP Swords

Now that you have an LARP shield and LARP leather armour for protection, you should have a good and durable LARP sword. All our LARP swords are very affordable and the best on the LARP market. Many of our LARP swords come in a variety of sizes to best suit your needs. All LARP swords have fiber capped core wrapped in latex foam and finish by authentic color shadings. These LARP swords look very real to medieval swords but safe enough to be used by children and practiced with during reenactments.


You'll find nothing but legendary blades if you take a peek into the LOTR LARP section at Medieval Collectibles. These are not mundane weapons but epic blades of unmatched quality, all converted into LARP weapons so that others might experience the power of the Fellowship and their impressive and powerful weapons for themselves.

Zombie LARP Weapons
Zombie LARP Weapons

When zombies invade your LARP, will you be ready to fight them off? As long as you're wielding one of our LARP Zombie Weapons you will be! Medieval Collectibles is now offering a full line of impressive zombie-slaying weapons that will make short work of any zombies you encounter! These weapons come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, and despite their realistic appearance, they are perfectly safe to use when it comes to a LARP.

LARP Daggers, LRP daggers, Latex LARP daggers, and Live Action Role-Playing daggers
LARP Daggers

A LARP sword always needs a LARP dagger for close quarter attacks during that LARP event or reenactment. Medieval Collectibles has the best quality LARP daggers from the top manufacturers around the world. We have both medieval daggers and fantasy daggers from all the LARP collections at affordable prices. Our LARP daggers are great for kids to pretend they have swords and are very safe. All our LARP daggers have a capped core to prevent tearing, splitting, punch-through of the foam. These LARP Daggers are well suited for use in practice for martial arts, re-enactments, fairs, LARP Events and stage props.

LARP Shields, LRP Shields, Live Action Roleplaying Shields, and Latex Foam Shields
LARP Shields

Looking for a LARP shield to protect yourself during a Live Action Roleplaying event. Medieval Collectibles now has more LARP shields than anyone in the USA. Our LARP shields come in a variety of shapes that include, round LARP shields, Oval LARP shields, medieval styled LARP shields and rectangular LARP shields. These LARP Shields are well suited for use in practice for theatrical plays, re-enactments, fairs, LARP Events and stage props. Enjoy our wide selection of new LARP Shields to fit your needs.

LARP Throwing Weapons and Throwing Knife Weapons
LARP Throwing Weapons

Our LARP Throwing Weapons are great for those moments in battle when you just cannot get within a swords reach of your enemy. Never fear, you came prepared, right? If not, you had better pick up some of our handy throwing knives. They are inexpensive and come in handy when you need them the most. Our throwing weapons are made from durable closed cell foam that does not shred and are heavily coated with silicone. None of them have a core, so they are very safe. We also offer foam bakers rolls, oversize tankards and elemental balls for spell casting. These are wonderful and unique items that can be used as weapons or as props. We also offer holders for some of our throwing knifes so you can carry one, three or five at a time.

LARP Pole Weapons, LARP Staffs, LARP Halberds and LARP Quarter Staffs
LARP Pole Weapons & Staffs

Medieval Collectibles now has new pole weapons and staffs to bring to the U.S. LARP market. Our LARP pole weapons are Swiss halberds, German halberds, spears, and gleve. These LARP pole weapons are great to penetrate battle lines and our making a great defense. We also have new LARP staffs, LARP quarter staffs, and long staffs for wizards and sorcerers at Live Action Roleplaying events and Medieval reenactments. Our LARP pole weapons and staffs are made of latex foam and like very real compared to the ones used during Medieval Times.

LARP Axes, LRP Axes, Live Action Role-Playing Axes and Latex LARP Axes

Looking for a good quality and durable LARP axe? Medieval Collectibles carries several types of LARP axes such has single headed axes and double headed axes. We have long axes, short axes, medieval axes and fantasy axes that will strike fear in your LARP opponent. Axes in the Medieval Era were used to pierce armor and break open helms. We have LARP axes with intricate ornate designs while others have skulls, snakes and devils on them. Medieval Collectibles is your number one source for live action roleplaying axes at affordable prices.

LARP Maces, Live Action Role Play Maces, LRP Maces and LARP Flanged Maces
LARP Maces

Looking for a great LARP mace to smash your LARP opponent's armour or use in a re-enactment? These great looking LARP maces are very durable and the best on the market today. Medieval Collectibles has long maces, short maces, knight maces, and mercenary maces for the LARPer, re-enactor or used in practice. All our LARP maces have a fiber glass core-rod, encased by a thick layer of plastic foam. These LARP maces are made of foam but are very authentic looking compared to the ones used in medieval times by knights.

LARP Hammers, LARP Pick Hammers, LARP War Hammers and Live Action Role-playing Hammers
LARP Hammers

Medieval Collectibles has the biggest selection of LARP hammers available on the internet. We have double sided hammers, single sided hammer, pick hammers, mercenary hammers and medieval hammers. With our double sides LARP hammers you can swing in any direction to strike your opponent. Smash through your enemies armour or pick your opponents apart with these quality and durable LARP hammers. Our LARP pick hammers feature a hammer on one side and a long large spike on the other. Our LARP hammers are perfect for LARP events, LRP, re-enactments, practice or plays.

LARP Oriental Swords, LARP Katanas, LARP Wakizashi, and LARP Tantos
LARP Oriental Swords

Medieval Collectibles carries several styles and types of LARP oriental swords. Our LARP oriental swords include katanas, tantos, wakizashis and naginata from top manufacturers around the world. Our LARP Naginata is 63 inches long! These LARP oriental weapons and swords come most from the Elven collection as well as the imperial collection. Our LARP oriental swords are beautiful and will last on average 1 to 2 years of use without mistreatment. These are great if you have a Japanese or oriental base character that you are dress up to be.

LARP Archery Bows and LARP Horsebows

LARP is gaining ground in the USA and is becoming more and more popular with time. Some games may not have been introduced to LARP Archery or maybe have not tried it yet. Our LARP Bows can be a fun addition to any game and introduce new plots or possibilities making the overall experience for players very nice. Most of the LARP bows are made of fiberglass, some are covered in suede and some even have real wood tips. These LARP bows feature a low draw weight of 24-26 pounds which is the perfect draw weight for gaming. They will shoot our LARP arrows very nicely and are quite safe when used responsibly.

LARP Arrows and Crossbow Bolts
LARP Arrows

For the LARP Archer, we are pleased to offer our LARP arrows. These arrows have a foam head making them safe for use in LARP. We have styles that have a rounded tip or a flat tip and we also have crossbow bolts too. The LARP arrows can be used on bows with maximum draw weight and draw length of 30# at 28". The crossbow bolts can be used on crossbows with maximum draw weight and draw length of 30# at 15". They feature a high grade epoxy-glass resin shaft that is highly flexible, shatter proof and provides maximum accuracy. The arrows are capable of shooting up to 150 feet.

LARP Leather Scabbards for Swords and Daggers
LARP Scabbards

Scabbards are a great way to carry your LARP sword around with you and also protects the blade section from getting damaged. Our LARP scabbards are made from durable vegetable tanned leather and the inside throat of the scabbard is lined with thick faux fur to protect the coating on your LARP sword when you slide it in and out of the scabbard. These are sharp looking scabbards. With adjustable belt straps you can control the angle at which your sword hangs. Available for left or right handed draws. We have scabbards that will accommodate daggers, medium length swords and long swords.

LARP Sword Frogs and LARP Dagger Frogs
LARP Sword & Dagger Frogs

Here you'll find many different styles of frogs to hold all kinds of LARP Weapons. We have leather frogs that will hold LARP Daggers, LARP Swords, LARP Axes/Maces and LARP Throwing Knives. All frogs are made from durable leather and the designs vary from very simple to lots of detail. LARP frogs are different from our regular sword frogs (which are in a different section) in that they do not lace up the front. LARP frogs are one continuous piece of leather and this helps prevent scratches or a corner piece of leather digging into the weapon. Most sword frogs are available in many different colors and right or left hand draw.

Character Accessories, Teeth, Fangs, Ears, Noses and Make-up
Character Accessories

These handcrafted prosthetics are made in Germany from high-quality latex using a method preferred by professional make-up artists. We are pleased to offer you high-quality ears and teeth that are based on the elves, orcs and vampires that are described in numerous books and portrayed in films. Their wealth of detail and realistic skin structure create a perfect transformation and the prosthetics can be applied easily and quickly due to their thin edges. The prosthetics are very sturdy and can be used several times if they are handled with care.

Maintenance Silicone Spray
LARP Maintenance

Your LARP latex weapons will need regular maintenance and this silicone spray which is 100% pure and acid free is the perfect way to keep your weapons in good shape. The silicone will keep the coating flexible, protect it from drying out and helps the weapon resist wear and tear which will make the weapons last much longer. To use: spray the silicone directly on your latex weapon and work it in on the entire surface. Do not spray on leather handles and other non-latex areas, like hard plastic handles, etc. You can never use too much silicone, the more you use the better protected your latex weapon will be. If you regularly use your LARP weapon everyday or every weekend, we recommend coating your weapon weekly.