Fairy Peeps, Fantasy Creature Statuettes, and Fae Creature Statues
Encounter a vibrant world of mythical beings among our colorful fairy peeps collection! We offer fairy statues, imp figures, ogre statuettes, brownie sculptures, magic tree statues, and many other friendly sprite collectibles. These brightly painted resin statues are the perfect size to sit on a desk or shelf to add a bit of cheery decoration. Take a moment to browse our selection of fairy peep statuettes to meet these many amusing beings.
Fairy Statues
Come on into our fairy statue category and take a look at all we offer here! These astonishingly detailed figurines range from every vibrant color you can envision! Just take your pick! There are fairies with dragons, fairies with trees and other animals, mermaid fairies, fairies with staffs, fairies with unicorns, and fairies with flowers! These fairy statues are made from hand painted cold cast resin and range in size from 5 inches all the way to 26.5 inches. Our fairy statues category is sure to please young and old alike!
Mermaid Statues, Bronze Mermaids, Mermaid Decor, Mermaid Trinket Boxes and Mermaid Jewelry
Mermaids have appeared in the folklore of cultures across the world, ranging from Europe to Africa and even Asia. Sailors used to claim to have seen them on ocean voyages, and even today mermaid sightings are still reported. Now you can spot your own mermaid, and even make her your own, by grabbing some of the items in this mermaid statues and decor section, found here at Medieval Collectibles.
Bergsma Gallery Collection of Fairies
The Bergsma Gallery Collection of Fairies is a wonderful collection of pieces by the talented Jody Bergsma. These truly amazing pieces are all made of cold cast resin and have been hand painted with amazing detailing. These fairy statues are wonderful to display anywhere in your home or office. Jody Bergsmas watercolor technique is self-taught. Her engineering degree is reflected in her compositions and demonstrates her love of mathematics and geometry. The Bergsma Gallery Collection of Fairies is a great collection to have.
Fairies by Amy Brown
The adorable and detailed fairy statues in this category are all done by the incredible artist Amy Brown. These fairy statues pay beautiful attention to color contrasts and the detailing is unbelievable! These fairy statues have all been hand painted and are made with cold cast resin. Amy Brown comes from the Pacific Northwest and began drawing at a young age. She has said, The urge to create is almost a wild, living entity trapped inside me, clawing to escape. Take a look at our amazing fairy statues by the talented Amy Brown.
Fairies by Jessica Galbreth
The intricate fairy statues in this collection are by the talented Jessica Galbreth. The fairy statues by Jessica Galbreth are made of cold cast resin. These pieces are all hand painted and have amazing details! These fairy statues have such intricate detailing and stunning colors you will not be able to stop at one piece! You will have to have the whole collection! Jessica Galbreth has said, I still get that old familiar rush of excitement when I look at a beautiful fantasy painting. We hope you too get this rush while looking at our fair collection by Jessica Galbreth.
Fairies from the Fantasy World of Josephine Wall
The fairy statues done by fantasy artist Josephine Wall are none to pass up! These fairy statues feature incredibly intricate detailing and amazingly bright colors. The fairy statues by Josephine Wall are all hand painted and are cast in cold cast resin. Josephine Wall is a very talented painter and sculptor with influences from Arthur Rackham, Magritte, and Dali. The majority of her work contains hidden images or faces, which is now one of her many trademarks. Do not believe us? Take a look at her fairy statues and you can be the judge!
Fairy Candle Holders and Fairy Candleholders
Fairies and flames actually go quite well together, as evidenced by the collection of fairy candle holders here at Medieval Collectibles. Each of these beautiful items depicts a little fairy who can sit and watch over the candle that burns near her.
Fairy Collectibles by Molly Harrison
The Fairy Collectibles by Molly Harrison are great to display anywhere in your home or office. These amazingly detailed pieces are made of cold cast resin and have been hand painted for the finest quality. There are many things to choose from in this fairy collection, including hand mirrors and trinket boxes. These fairy collectibles have amazing colors! Molly Harrison is extremely talented with a wide range of abilities from watercolors and music, to childrens books. Take a peek at our Fairy Collectibles by Molly Harrison.
Fairy Crystal Balls
Our Fairy Crystal Balls are sure to be a hit! These fairy statues are greatly detailed and range in size from 4.5 inches all the way to 9 inches, ensuring you find just the right size for your home decor. The fairies featured on our fairy crystal balls are made of cold cast resin. All of these lovely fairies were hand painted for quality assurance. Here in our fairy crystal ball section you will find a fairy to suite any mood. These fairy crystal balls are great because they are the perfect size to display! Check out our fairy crystal balls today!
Fairy Fountains
Fairies and water go together about as well as fairies and forests, which is why Medieval Collectibles is offering a range of beautiful and stunning Fairy Fountains. Each of these attractive decorations is a fully functional fountain that moves water, while also featuring a classic display of fairy-styled fantasy design.
Fairy Incense Burners
These fairy incense burners would make great looking and smelling accent piece in your home or office. Our lovely fairy incense burners feature stunning details that are hand painted and are cast in cold cast resin. The fairy incense burners range in size from 11 inches to 13.75 inches which is great for accommodating any type of incense you like! Our fairy incense burners have such beautiful detail you will love the way they look! So if you are looking for a great piece to display virtually anywhere, do not miss our fairy incense burners.
Fairy Lamps and Lighting
Our Fairy Lamps and Lighting is the perfect place to find that perfect lamp or lighting fixture to set the exact mood you are looking for. Our fairy lamps feature stunning detail and are made of cold cast resin. Each fairy lamp or lighting fixtures on our site have been hand painted which only adds to the beauty of each piece. All the fairy lamps and lighting fixtures in this category run on batteries so there is no need to worry about running up the bills here!
Fairy Mirrors
Our fairy mirrors are perfect for display; whether you decide to hang them up, or set them out on a shelf or table. These fairy mirrors are sure to be an eye-catcher. The fairy mirrors measure from 9 inches to 15.5 inches in height. The bases are made of cold cast resin, while the mirror itself is a solid portion of glass. Each striking detail has been hand painted and is truly magnificent. With our fairy mirrors coming in so many different styles you are sure to find one that suites your personality! The fairy mirrors make great additions to fairy collections as well.
Fairy Notebooks and Fairy Journals
If sharing your private thoughts with a mischievous fairy seems like a bad idea, think again: at Medieval Collectibles, we have several great-looking Fairy Notebooks and Journals, all of which can and will securely hold your sketches or writings.
Fairy Ornaments
Looking for a little something to spice up your room decor? Try our stunning fairy ornaments! There are many great styles to choose from and with our great price range; who can resist? Our fairy ornaments feature incredible detailing from top to bottom. Our fairy ornaments have all been hand painted and are made of cold cast resin. Our fairy ornaments are great for display and come in a variety of sizes. There is sure to be one that catches your eye and would make a great conversation piece in your home or office.
Fairy Statues by Jane Starr Weils
The fairy statues in this category are all magnificent pieces by the artist Jane Starr Weils. The fairy statues are all made from cold cast resin, and have been hand painted with vigilant attention to detail. These fairy statues feature remarkable color and detailing and are just simply spectacular. Jane Starr Weils weaves symbolism into every one of her paintings. Her fairy statues were fashioned out of a love of myth and magic! Her fairy statues are loved all over the world, so start your collection from Jane Starr Weils today!
Fairy Statues by Sheila Wolk
The fairy statues in this category are all beautiful fairies done by the artist Sheila Wolk. The fairy statues are all made from cold cast resin, and have been hand painted with careful attention to detail. These fairy statues feature amazing color and detailing. Sheila Wolk began as an art director for a pharmaceutical advertising agency and medical illustrator. Her transition into the land of fantasy happened slowly, but once she decided to change her focus the results were sensational! Take a look at our fairy statues and see for yourself!
Fairy Statues by Stephanie Law
The Fairy Statues by Stephanie Law truly pay homage to her magnificent paintings. These fairy statues have all been cast in cold cast resin and are hand painted for an amazingly detailed finish. The Fairy Statues by Stephanie Law are remarkable collectors pieces and would be a great display anywhere in your home or office. Stephanie Laws illustrations have been used for various game and publishing clients. Her work regularly appears in Realms of Fantasy Magazine. The incredible detail portrayed in Stephanie Laws work is not to be passed up!
Fairy Tables
Our fairy tables are sure to make a pleasing eye-catcher in any room it is placed. The fairy tables in this category measure between 25.75 inches and 26.5 inches tall. The bases are all made of hand painted cold cast resin. The tops are solid pieces of glass. These fairy tables are great for display and their intricate detailing make them unlike anything you have ever seen. The fairy tables have been beautifully painted and are great for everyday standard use. Place these in any room of your home and its sure to be a big hit.
Fairy Tank Tops
Our fantasy and medieval Tank Tops are individually hand dyed with organic dyes and printed with water base ink, making them about as earth-friendly as a Tank Top can be. These Tank Tops have amazing images with the most incredible detail. These medieval and fantasy style Tank Tops are super soft and guaranteed exceptional color for years of wear. Our Tank Tops are top quality, pre-washed, pre-shrunk, made of 100% cotton and are printed with a process that dyes the actual fabric rather than just printing on top which leaves a plastic coating. Because of this process, these Tank Tops are extremely soft and our artists are able to produce amazing detail unlike any other fantasy Tank Top. Made in the USA! Any of our Fairy Tank Top makes a great Medieval/Fantasy gift for you or your loved ones.
Fairy Themed Jewelry
Our fairy themed jewelry is sure to be a hit! Each pendant in our fairy themed jewelry section is made of hand painted lead free alloy. They all also include an adjustable silver chain, making these a perfect fit for nearly everyone! The great Jessica Galbreths fairies are seen in our fairy jewelry collection too. The intricate details on each fairy pendant will make others stop and look. The fairy themed jewelry is suitable for everyday wear. Each necklace has amazing color and many include rhinestones for added beauty.
Fairy Tiles and Fairy Banners
One look at the Fairy Tiles and Banners Section here at Medieval Collectibles will have you convinced that fairies are for everyone; these wall scrolls and tiles feature beautiful fantasy-styled fairy artwork and are perfect for almost any space.
Fairy Trinket Boxes and Fairy Jewelry Boxes
At Medieval Collectibles, we have the perfect solution to all your diminutive clutter problems: Fairy Trinket Boxes. And not only are these fairy trinket boxes great for storing things, but many of them are also highly ornate and decorative, as well.
Fairy T-Shirts
Our Fairy T-Shirts are great for everyday wash and wear. They feature the art of some amazing artists! Our fairy t-shirts include the artists Linda Bergkvist, Amy Brown, Nene Thomas, James Ryman, Josephine Wall, Rachel Anderson, Julie Fain, and Vincent Hie. Our fairy t-shirts are individually hand dyed using only organic dyes. These fairy t-shirts are printed with water based ink and is made in the USA. These great fairy t-shirts are pre-washed, pre-shrunk, and made with 100% cotton and free of any harmful chemicals.
Fairy Wind Chimes
Watching and listening to our fairy wind chimes is a great way to relax and unwind at any time of day or night! In this category you will discover a fairy to complement any mood or theme of your house, office, entryway, backyard, or practically anywhere! The average length is about 24 inches long. Our fairy wind chimes feature astonishing details from top to bottom. The fairies on our fairy wind chimes are made of hand painted cold cast resin and a few are even made from high quality pewter. Stop in and take a look at our fairy wind chimes.
Fairyland Legends Fairy Collection
Fairyland Legends by Fairy Collection contains pieces unlike any others. These fairy statues have all been hand painted. The details on these fairy statues are remarkable. These fairy statues are all made of cold cast resin and measurements range from 5.5 to 12.5 inches tall. The stunning colors and intricate detailing make these fairy pieces truly eye-catching. The different fairy styles and bright colors ensure that there is a wonderful fairy statue in here for everyone! Do not miss our superb Fairyland Legends by Fairy Collection.
Hanging Fairy Ornament
Our hanging fairy ornaments include all you need for an elegant display. Our hanging fairy ornaments include a stunning fairy with amazing details and a hanging base with just as much detail as the fairy herself! Our hanging fairy ornaments are made of cold cast resin and have been hand painted only to add to the amazing detail. The hanging fairy ornaments hang by a gold cord on a gold hook. The hanging fairy ornaments are great for everyday decor and are the perfect size to display anywhere.
Myka Jelina Collection of Fairies
Not all fairies are bright creatures that dance about in the woods. Sometimes, a fairys appearance is left to artistic representation, and here, Myka Jelina delivers a stylish collection of fairies that are completely deviant from a fairys typical appearance. In Myka Jelinas collection of fairies, each fairy statue features a style that is still somewhat gothic and even perhaps a bit punk. Many of these fairy statues possess young features and large eyes, as well as a color scheme that is best described as paradoxically, brightly gothic.
Strangeling Fairies by Jasmine Becket Griffith
Our Strangeling Fairies by Jasmine Becket Griffith are just too cute to call strange! These fairy statues are all hand painted with great detail and are hand-cast in cold cast resin. The amazing colors on these fairy statues are sure to catch your eye! Jasmine Becket Griffith is a full time free-lance artist who focuses primarily on gothic, fantasy, and fairy art. Her pieces are highly collectible and appear in galleries all over the world. Jasmine Becket Griffith hopes to use her artwork to bring a little magic into this mundane world.
Fairy Bags
Why bother carrying all of your gear around in your hands when, instead, you can simplify the whole process? How, you might ask? Well, it's simple. If you pick up one of the fairy bags you'll find here at Medieval Collectibles, you'll have a way to store and carry all manner of objects, and as an added bonus, you'll also show off wicked fairy art wherever you go!
Fairy Pillows
Perhaps you've always wanted to decorate with a little bit of fantasy and fairy magic, but you just don't have the wall-space for a plaque or scroll, nor the shelf space for a figurine. Well, now Medieval Collectibles offers an array of fairy pillows, which are not only great for decorating your living space, but also great for sitting with or napping on!