Angel of Death Zombie Blade
Item #: ZH-016
A wicked looking weapon, the Angel of Death Zombie Blade will make anyone look like the latest incarnation of the Grim Reaper. The unique knuckle duster design features long, slightly curved blades extending from each side.
Price: $49.95
Arabic Jambia
Item #: AH-3457
While its name translates literally to dagger, the Arabic Jambia is often a reference to a more specific kind of dagger, one that has personal and ceremonial meaning. This replica recreates the shape of a common style of Arabic blade.
Price: $60.00
Black Dragon Dagger
Item #: ZS-211128
When you want an impressive knife with an intimidating look, you cannot do much better than the Black Dragon Dagger. This stainless steel dagger features a black finish and a black ABS handle with a dragon design.
Price: $15.90
On Sale For: $14.31
Black Ulak Saber Claw
Item #: ZS-DH-7875BK
One of the most sinister blades a fighter could use in close combat, this Black Ulak Saber Claw mimics the design of a sharp and deadly claw from a big cat and turns it into a swing blade capable of slicing and stabbing with ease.
Price: $17.90
On Sale For: $16.11
Black Widow Sword Spider
Item #: MC-FM-400B
This is not a cute spider from a nursery rhyme. The Black Widow Sword Spider is an arachnid that hardly needs poison to do its dirty work, especially not when you consider that this spider has eight blades on the tips if its legs!
Price: $51.00
Bladed Double Dragon Cestus
Item #: MC-HK-110
The cestus was a classic weapon of antiquity, serving to put a fighters punch behind the force of a blade. This Bladed Double Dragon Cestus takes that concept further, creating an impressive weapon and an even greater decoration.
Price: $45.00
Bladed Scorpion Hand Knife
Item #: MC-FM-605
Looking at a scorpion, you will be hard-pressed to find a way to make this deadly arachnid look more intimidating. And yet somehow, it has been done. This Bladed Scorpion Hand Knife elevates the scorpions lethal look to a new level.
Price: $32.00
Blood Fire Dragon Wing Blade
Item #: MC-FMT-032
Usually, when you imagine a punch-blade, you do not imagine a weapon like this. The Blood Fire Dragon Wing Blade is a unique form of knife, designed to be decorative yet possessed of an intimidating and lethal looking design.
Price: $28.00
Blue Dagger of the Legend
Item #: MC-FM-661BL
If you want an authentic addition to your Zelda collection or cosplay, the Blue Dagger of the Legend is the piece that will make you a hero of the Hylian realm. Bring your favorite game to life with this intricately designed replica.
Price: $22.00
Bronze Conan the Barbarian Dagger by Marto
Item #: MA-CONAN024S
Barbarian or no, even Conan would fall back to a dagger if it was his only option. Learn from this example and fall back on the Bronze Conan the Barbarian Dagger by Marto. This licensed reproduction will not disappoint.
Price: $293.00
Bronze Draconic Rex Dragon Display
Item #: MC-PE-607BZ
What better way is there to represent a dragon in its fearsome strength than to show one covered in deadly blades? The Bronze Draconic Rex Dragon Display does just that, and in the process, creatures an amazing decoration.
Price: $85.00
Celtic Flame Dagger
Item #: ED2203
This magnificent Celtic Flame dagger has magical Celt appeal! Each flame like blade of steel is individually and masterfully forged by hand and comes with its own leather sheath which is made individually to fit each kris blade.
Price: $122.55
Combination Dual Dragon Dagger
Item #: MC-FM-417
If two heads are better than one, then it stands to reason that two of anything is better than one, as well. This Combination Dual Dragon Dagger is proof of that concept, as it is a dual-bladed dagger that features quite a few points.
Price: $36.00
Conan the Barbarian Cimmerian Demon Skull Dagger by Marto
Item #: MA-CONAN025S
Conan the Barbarian, created in 1932, has, over the years, become an iconic figure in the American fantasy genre. Our Conan the Barbarian Cimmerian Demon Skull Dagger by Marto celebrates this success and is a licensed reproduction.
Price: $300.00
Conan the Barbarian Cimmerian Temptress Dragon Dagger by Marto
Item #: MA-CONAN026S
Nothing can be more dangerous than a deceivers words or a temptress guiles. A clever woman might strip away a man like Conans defenses and strike him down with the Conan the Barbarian Cimmerian Temptress Dragon Dagger by Marto.
Price: $300.00
Cruciform Dagger
Item #: 07-92HCD
The Cruciform Dagger has a carefully designed 3.5 inch long Stiletto blade and a 0.5 inch thick cruciform cross section that tapers to a needle like point. It features a somewhat unique handle, designed to facilitate almost any grip.
Price: $9.99
On Sale For: $8.00
Curled Dragon Ring Blade
Item #: MC-FM-571
Even the smallest of dragons are to be feared, and nothing proves that point as well as this Curled Dragon Ring Blade. In spite of its small size, this wicked dragon weapon features enough blades to shred any warrior into ribbons.
Price: $29.00
Damascus Regimental Khukri
Item #: AH-3456D
Imagine if the legendary kukri, famed for its cutting power, was combined with the strength and durability of damascus steel! Actually, you do not have to, because in this Damascus Regimental Khukri, that combination becomes a reality.
Price: $387.00
Double Dragon Damascus Knives
Item #: MC-HK-25912
What appears to be an amazingly detailed yet harmless scroll case is actually so much more. Far from just your mundane decoration, the Double Dragon Damascus Knives are a cleverly concealed pair of decorative combat knives!
Price: $42.00
Double Fantasy Dagger Set
Item #: MC-FM-665-2
The perfect fantasy ensemble needs an intimidating weapon to complete it. The Double Fantasy Dagger Set is just that, giving you two versatile and deadly blades to finish off your favorite costume or cosplay with dual wielding power.
Price: $32.00
Draconic Handle Fantasy Dagger
Item #: MC-FM-663
Designed with a fantasy styling, the Draconic Handle Fantasy Dagger is a spectacular decorative weapon which features an eye catching dragon theme on both the elegantly curved handle and the sleek, satin finished blade.
Price: $16.00
Dragon Fire Fantasy Dagger
Item #: MC-FM-656
Turn fantasy into reality with the Dragon Fire Fantasy Dagger. This unique dagger displays an artistic and lethal design that cannot be matched. Great for any fan of fantasy or even a knife collector, this blade is a rare find.
Price: $46.00
On Sale For: $41.00
Dragon Fire Neck Knife
Item #: MC-FM-427
A neck knife is a small, fixed-blade knife carried from a pendant rig, which suspends the knife around the neck. Wickedly shaped into a dragon breathing a jet of flame, the Dragon Fire Neck Knife is a wickedly attractive tool.
Price: $7.00
Dragon Hatchling Ring Blade
Item #: MC-FM-607
Even baby dragons can be dangerous little beasties. This Dragon Hatchling Ring Blade is the perfect example, as it shows that even a newborn hatchling can possess claws of steel, as well as a look that will lure in many an unwary mortal.
Price: $40.00
Dragon Head Pen Knife
Item #: MC-MC-2022S
It is a common misconception that fantasy knives are too large to carry around on a daily basis. This Dragon Head Pen Knife will change that, though, as it is stylish enough to feature great style yet are small enough to use.
Price: $17.00
Dragon Slayer Display Dagger
Item #: MC-MC-2076
Not all dragon slaying weapons are grand swords or brutal axes that could cleave through dragon scales. Some, like the Dragon Slayer Display Dagger, are smaller, although they look just as impressive and commemorative.
Price: $34.00
Dragon Tail Neck Knife
Item #: MC-FM-426
A neck knife is a small, fixed-blade knife carried from a pendant rig, which suspends the knife around the neck. Every part of a dragon should be considered a weapon, and the Dragon Tail Neck Knife reminds us of this fact.
Price: $7.00
Dual Kukri Set
Item #: MC-SW-500
Do you know what is deadlier then a single kukri? A Dual Kukri Set. Almost as definitive as the katana for cutting power, the kukri is unbeatable as far as keenness goes, thanks to its unique weight distribution and functional design.
Price: $48.00
Fantasy Combat Knife
Item #: MC-FM-554
Sometimes, little knives do not do the job. Sometimes, a bigger knife is needed, to stab and cut through messes that would tangle and destroy a lesser knife. For those situations, call on the Fantasy Combat Knife to fulfill your needs.
Price: $31.00
Fantasy Damascus Dagger with Wooden Sheath
Item #: ZS-DM-1112
As you battle evil elves, orcs, and goblins, a simple dagger just simply will not get the job done. You need a blade that will inspire you when it is in your hand, a blade just like this Fantasy Damascus Dagger with Wooden Sheath.
Price: $149.50
On Sale For: $134.55
Fantasy Short Sword and Dagger Set
Item #: MC-HK-913D
Why settle for one when you can get two, instead? After all, two swords are better than one when you know what you are doing. This Fantasy Short Sword and Dagger Set is a perfect pairing that features two similar fantasy blades.
Price: $26.00
Fire Blade Dragon Daggers
Item #: MC-HK-26072
Few creatures can compete with the power of a dragon, especially when that dragon unleashes an unstoppable blast of fire from its maw. That is what is depicted by these impressively decorative Fire Blade Dragon Daggers.
Price: $41.00