The high quality footwear here at Medieval Collectibles features a number of excellent boots and shoes for your wardrobe. Available in sizes for men, women, and children, our footwear comes in a range of styles, including medieval and Renaissance, gothic, pirate, and steampunk shoes. Our period footwear includes a number of medieval leather boots and historical shoe styles perfect for re-enactments and Renaissance fairs. Our gothic footwear features a number of distinctive designs like combat boots and witch heels with spikes, studs, skulls, and other bold details. Our pirate shoes offer a number of styles with particularly nautical flair like leather boots with folded cuffs. Finally, our steampunk boots and shoes display many unique looks ranging from Victorian riding boots to gear-studded heels and beyond. You can further dress up your selected pair of shoes by adding some of our eye-catching boot toppers, spats, or leg warmers to get the look you want. Whether you want Roman sandals for a gladiator costume, silk slippers to suit a Renaissance lady, or some dramatic gothic knee high boots for a night out, you can find many options perfect for your needs.
Kids Boots, Childrens Shoes, and Youth Footwear
Kid's Boots & Shoes

Check out the high quality childrens costume shoes and kids period boots that we carry here at Medieval Collectibles the next time you need distinctive kids shoes. Whether you child wants the appropriate youth footwear for Halloween, a Renaissance fair, or a school play, you can find many excellent options in our selection. Boys and girls can find a variety of styles from medieval to pirate for many fun looks.

Mens Gothic Footwear, Mens Combat Boots, and Mens Gothic Boots
Men's Gothic Footwear

Discover the perfect gothic footwear options for your favorite outfits here among the mens gothic boots and shoes at Medieval Collectibles. Our combat boots, formal shoes, guys platform boots, and other gothic shoe designs come in a range of eye-catching looks. Featuring details like chains, studs, skulls, and bullets, these mens boots and shoes are perfect for daily wearing, nights out, or heading to a convention.

Mens Medieval Footwear, Mens Renaissance Shoes, and Mens Period Boots
Men's Medieval and Renaissance Footwear

Our mens medieval and Renaissance footwear here at Medieval Collectibles allows you to create a truly authentic look for any number of historical ensembles. The period footwear includes Roman sandals, Viking boots, medieval peasant shoes, nobleman boots, and many more options. Made from materials like leather, suede, and microfiber, these medieval shoes and Renaissance boots are great for costume events, Ren fairs, the theater, and daily wear.

Mens Pirate Footwear, Captain Boots, and Buccaneer Boots
Men's Pirate Footwear

Dress as though you have sailed the seven seas with the help of the mens pirate footwear here at Medieval Collectibles. Many of these rakish pirate boots display folded cuffs and large buckles for particularly impressive swashbuckler flair. Our buccaneer shoes come in various styles that equally suit a decorated navy captain or the infamous Blackbeard himself. Check out these leather boots to find the perfect pair for your needs!

Mens Steampunk Footwear, Mens Steampunk Boots, and Mens Steampunk Shoes
Men's Steampunk Footwear

If you cannot get enough steampunk style in your daily life, then be sure to take a look at the fantastic designs we carry here among our mens steampunk footwear. Medieval Collectibles offers striking steampunk combat boots, steampunk leather boots, steampunk knee high boots, and other options to wear to conventions or on a regular basis. These stunning mens steampunk shoes will give any outfit an undeniably dramatic Neo-Victorian look.

Spats and Boot Covers, Leather Spats, Gothic Gaiters, Gothic Leg Guards, Steampunk Leg Guards and Gothic Leg Warmers
Spats and Boot Covers

Sometimes you need to add a bit of extra style to your legs and your footwear. For those times, consider trying out a pair of spats, boot covers, gaiters, or even leg warmers! Medieval Collectibles offers quite the selection of spats and boot covers, all styled so that when you need that extra touch for your look, you can find it here in a cool accent to wear about your legs.

Womens Gothic Footwear, Womens Gothic Heels, and Womens Gothic Boots
Women's Gothic Footwear

Feeling in the mood for some wicked fashion? Then you should check out the sultry and fierce styles available in our womens gothic footwear at Medieval Collectibles. Our wide selection of womens combat boots, gothic high heels, witch shoes, spiked pumps, gothic stiletto boots, and more will ensure that we have something for any occasion. Our ladies gothic shoes come in dark and dramatic looks, decorated with skulls, bones, lace, studs, and chains.

Womens Medieval Boots, Womens Renaissance Shoes, and Womens Period Footwear
Women's Medieval and Renaissance Footwear

Whenever you are creating a period ensemble, make sure no detail is forgotten. Instead, come to the womens medieval and Renaissance footwear at Medieval Collectibles to find the perfect pair of historical boots or ladies shoes. We carry womens flats and noblewoman heels to go with gowns and dresses, leather boots and suede moccasins for peasant and frontierswoman costumes, and Roman sandals and Viking boots for goddess and shieldmaiden ensembles.

Womens Pirate Footwear, Womens Pirate Boots, and Womens Pirate Heels
Women's Pirate Footwear

Show off incredible swashbuckler style whenever you stride the deck of your ship while wearing a pair of our stunning womens pirate boots! Medieval Collectibles offers a fantastic selection of ladies pirate footwear in styles like thigh high boots and stiletto boots. These womens buccaneer shoes can help you to finish off a fantastic pirate captain ensemble for your next costume party or themed night out.

Womens Steampunk Footwear, Womens Steampunk Shoes, and Womens Steampunk Boots
Women's Steampunk Footwear

Impress everyone with your eclectic style by showing off a pair of our womens steampunk shoes at your next convention or themed night out. Medieval Collectibles is pleased to offer high quality womens steampunk footwear in designs ranging from high heels to boots to flats and everything in between. Many of our steampunk heels, platform shoes, and stiletto boots display gears, chains, studs, and other unique detailing that help them stand out.