Dragon Statues, Dragon Figurines, Dragon Sculptures and Fantasy Dragon Statues by Medieval Collectibles
Castle Guardian Black Dragon Statue
Item #: CC9554
Dragons can be possessive creatures. Sometimes, it is over things like gold and jewels. In the case of this Castle Guardian Black Dragon Statue, it is something much larger than that - a grand looking fairytale castle.
Price: $160.00
Chained Black Dragon LED Statue
Item #: 05-71598
Lured beneath the earth by the promise of treasure, the dragon now roars its fury to protest its restraints. The Chained Black Dragon LED Statue displays the king of fantasy beasts posed atop a stone outcropping that holds crystals.
Price: $46.00
Chained Gold Dragon LED Statue
Item #: 05-71599
The fury of the dragon rages as it lingers beneath the ground, held captive with dark restraints. The Chained Gold Dragon LED Statue displays the king of fantasy beasts posed atop a stone outcropping that holds several crystals.
Price: $48.00
Chained Green Dragon LED Statue
Item #: 05-71597
Announcing its fury, this dragon roars from its captive position deep within the earth. The Chained Green Dragon LED Statue displays the king of fantasy beasts posed atop a stone outcropping that holds several vibrant green crystals.
Price: $48.00
Chained Red Dragon Statue
Item #: 05-71591
Held captive in a cavern deep beneath the earth, this powerful beast of legend screams its fury at its imprisonment. The Chained Red Dragon Statue displays the detailed fantasy creature as it futilely spreads its wings for flight.
Price: $34.00
Chubby Little Proggle Dragon Statue
Item #: SC8345
Not all dragons are great beasts that inspire terror and awe. Some are comical creatures that are more adorable than they are anything else, and this Chubby Little Proggle Dragon Statue is proof positive of that fun-loving concept.
Price: $10.00
Classic Dragon Head Pedestal Statue
Item #: 05-71609
Symbols of wisdom and power, dragons have lasted as a popular motif in artwork from medieval times to modern day. The Classic Dragon Head Pedestal Statue displays the proud and majestic head of this noteworthy fantasy beast.
Price: $15.00
Coiled White Dragon Statue
Item #: CC10011
Dragons possess fierce personalities that make them some of the more dangerous fantasy beasts. In the Coiled White Dragon Statue, an ice pale dragon grips a decorative pedestal etched in intertwining scrollwork.
Price: $40.00
Coppervein LED Dragon Statue by Ruth Thompson
Item #: CC11229
A mother dragon will do absolutely anything to protect its young. With its mighty wings acting as a guard, the dragon in this Coppervein LED Dragon Statue by Ruth Thompson displays the territorial traits of these mythical beasts.
Price: $72.00
Coppery Dragon with Stone Statue
Item #: 060-2588
Dragons have a particular affinity for sparkly gems and precious stones, and this one is no exception. The Coppery Dragon with Stone Statue depicts a young dragon who has recently collected a token studded with a brilliant faux gem.
Price: $17.00
Crouching Blue Dragon Eye Statue
Item #: 05-71659
A large dragon with scales of blue and purple leans forward and gazes into the Statue carved from black lava rock. The Crouching Blue Dragon Eye Statue is sure to be a conversation piece when displayed in your home or office.
Price: $14.00
Crouching Green Dragon Eye Statue
Item #: 05-71658
Climbing atop the unique bronze Statue, the green dragon stretches its long neck down to meet the unblinking gaze of the large orb. The Crouching Green Dragon Eye Statue is certain to be a focal point in any collection.
Price: $14.00
Crowing Raven on Dragon Skull Statue
Item #: SC8540
When death arrives, ravens are never far away. This is true even in the realm of fantasy, as this Crowing Raven on Dragon Skull Statue demonstrates. Add this statue to your home decor for a dark twist on an iconic mythical symbol.
Price: $25.00
Crusader Dragon Slayer Statue
Item #: CC10677
Ever since the story of Saint George killing the dragon, tales of dragon slayings have formed a key image of myth and legend. The Crusader Dragon Slayer Statue depicts one such instance, possibly a rendition of Saint George himself.
Price: $130.00
Crystal Dragon Hatchling Statue
Item #: CC10678
Emerging from its egg into a crystalline world, this young dragonling already possesses a powerful body. The Crystal Dragon Hatchling Statue displays the dragon in the moment before it spreads its wings to take its first flight.
Price: $60.00
Curious Baby Dragon Statue
Item #: CC11177
Before dragons become the monstrous beasts we know them to be, they can be happy, innocent, and always inquisitive like human babies! Display a dragon as it takes in the world for the first time with this Curious Baby Dragon Statue.
Price: $8.00
Curious Dragon Hatchling Statue
Item #: CC10682
Eager to begin exploring its brand new world, this young dragon hatchling works to crawl from the remains of its egg. The Curious Dragon Hatchling Statue displays this dragon maneuvering its limbs over the edge of its egg.
Price: $14.00
Curious Dragon on Rock Statue
Item #: SC9012
With bright, inquisitive eyes, the young green dragon rests upon a dark grey stone. This creature is depicted by the highly detailed Curious Dragon on Rock Statue, made of high quality cold cast resin and painted in vibrant colors.
Price: $16.00
Curious Green Dragon on Eye Statue
Item #: 05-71647
The pendulous tail thumps as the viridian beast clambers atop the unusual portal. Digging into the strange metal with its sharp claws, the Curious Green Dragon on Eye Statue gazes into the green orb resembling an unblinking eye.
Price: $19.00
Curious Purple Dragon Hatchling
Item #: CC10947
Just like human babies, dragonlings are always in amazement of the world that surrounds them. This Curious Purple Dragon Hatchling showcases the quizzical nature of many newborn dragons, making it a unique addition to your home decor.
Price: $10.00
Curious Purple Dragon on Eye Statue
Item #: 05-71648
The inquisitive dragon alights on the unusual portal, muttering under its breath. As it lowers its slender neck to get a better look, the Curious Purple Dragon on Eye Statue meets the unblinking gaze of the enormous eye.
Price: $19.00
Dangling Dragon Wall Hanger
Item #: CC9607
Having a dragon on your wall is a great way to bring a bit of fantasy into your world. The Dangling Dragon Wall Hanger is a perfect way to add a dragon, featuring a curled tail and just the right shape to cling to any vertical surface.
Price: $40.00
Dark Dragon Head Pedestal Statue
Item #: 05-71608
Dragons have little to fear from other creatures, roaming the earth and skies with their flaming breath and sharp fangs and claws. The Dark Dragon Head Pedestal Statue makes a great reminder of fearlessness with its striking design.
Price: $15.00
Dark Dragon Statue
Item #: SC7963
This dragon hardly looks like the friendly sort, though that does not stop the Dark Dragon Statue from being impressive in its bearing. In fact, this dragon looks almost like it stopped to pose, creating a great dragon decoration!
Price: $33.00
Dark Dragon Statue
Item #: SC7642
The dark dragon statue is a must for any dragon enthusiast! This statue features a black and grey dragon seated on the ground with his wings up. His red eyes make him hard to miss. He is hand painted and made of cold cast resin.
Price: $40.00
Dark Fairy with Dragon Guardian Statue
Item #: CC11235
Just as dragons are considered valiant protectors of homes and dwelling places, they also diligently watch over friends. Add a touch of Gothic fantasy to your home or office decor with the Dark Fairy with Dragon Guardian Statue.
Price: $64.00
Dark Wizard and Dragon Statue
Item #: 05-71381
Wizards are best left unquestioned, because you never know what sort of tricks they might have up their sleeve, or, in the case of this Dark Wizard and Dragon Statue, what sort of guardians might be lurking over their shoulders.
Price: $26.00
Disgruntled Dragon Hatchling Statue
Item #: CC10681
Peeved at having been awoken from his cozy egg, this dragonling is reluctant to emerge from his shell. The Disgruntled Dragon Hatchling Statue displays this young dragon staring out at the world with baleful orange eyes.
Price: $14.00
Dragon Baby Figurine
Item #: SC8477
Take a moment out of your day and enjoy the charm that the Dragon Baby Figurine is practically covered in. This adorable statue is sure to have your guests smiling when they see this item proudly displayed within your homes decor.
Price: $10.00
Dragon Clenching Fist With Open Wings Statue
Item #: WU-1061
You know you are in trouble when a dragon bares its teeth, readies its tail, and clenches its claws. This Dragon Clenching Fist with Open Wings Statue depicts a dragon ready to attack. Luckily, you not the focus of this dragons ire.
Price: $55.10
Dragon Crouching On Big Dragon Skull Statue
Item #: WU-1068
It is rare that you see a dragon so protective of a dragons skull, although given a dragons complexities, anything is possible. What is known, though, is that this Dragon Crouching On Big Dragon Skull Statue is an impressive piece.
Price: $47.50
Dragon Egg Trio Set
Item #: 05-71577
A proud mother dragon has laid her clutch of eggs, and now is the time in which her young break free for their first look at the outside world! The Dragon Egg Trio Set includes three dragon hatchlings escaping their shells.
Price: $20.50
Dragon Family Statue
Item #: CC10456
Featuring an exceptionally detailed design, the Dragon Family Statue is a magnificent home accent for fantasy lovers which captures a unique scene of fantasy, of a majestic dragon mother sharing a meal with her two young drakelings.
Price: $56.00
Dragon Family Statue
Item #: 05-71531
The look of pride on the faces of new parents is priceless, as they bask in the glory of their firstborn. This Dragon Family Statue is a warm picture of familial pride among some of the most iconic creatures of the fantasy world.
Price: $144.00
Dragon Fire Statue
Item #: 05-71433
You do not have to fear the fire that this legendary creature brings in the dazzling Dragon Fire Statue. This spectacular item captures the essence of a dragon and produces a wonderful decoration that is suitable for any room.
Price: $16.00
Dragon Flame Guardian Statue
Item #: CC10983
As the gatekeeper to the entrance of the fiery underworld, this red wyvern beast has become one with the blazing flames that burn below. Add a daring touch to your home decor with this bright and colorful Dragon Flame Guardian Statue.
Price: $56.00
Dragon Fountain Statue
Item #: WU-1148
Fountains make great decorations around the home, and this one is no different. The Dragon Fountain Statue combines the look of old artistic styles with a truly unique dragon to create a design that is really eye-catching.
Price: $47.50
Dragon Head LED Tree Trunk Statue
Item #: 05-74003
Some unknown artist has left their mark on the side of this tree stump, possibly as a warning that a beast roams these woods. The Dragon Head LED Tree Trunk Statue makes a unique piece of fantasy decor to show off in your home.
Price: $28.00
Dragon Head Purple Orb Statue
Item #: CC10902
Orbs are magical spheres that are often held in the claws of dragons for supernatural purposes. This Dragon Head Purple Orb Statue is a unique way to showcase this creature with its mystical tool that will look stunning in your home.
Price: $36.00
Dragon in Armour Statue
Item #: 05-71256
The Dragon in Armour Statue is a fantastic collectible for the dragon lover. This dragon statue features a dragon hunched in an attack stance with his wings partially stretched open. This dragon wears silver and gold armour.
Price: $20.00
Dragon in Armour Statue
Item #: 05-71258
The Dragon in Armour Statue is a fantastic collectible for a collector. This dragon statue features a dragon standing on all fours with his wings partially open behind him. This dragon wears silver and gold armour to protect himself.
Price: $20.00
Dragon in Armour Statue
Item #: 05-71257
The Dragon in Armour Statue is a fantastic collectible for the dragon lover. This dragon statue features a dragon ready for battle with his wings tucked in beside him. This dragon is wearing silver and gold armour.
Price: $20.00
Dragon In Blood Lake Statue
Item #: WU-1064
This dragons pose might be innocent, but its location is not. This Dragon in Blood Lake Statue depicts a stunning black dragon in a locale that looks like it could have come directly from fiction or a world of dark fantasy and horror.
Price: $38.57
Dragon Looking Back Statue
Item #: WU-1060
If you think that you are going to take this dragon by surprise, then think again! The Dragon Looking Back Statue has a surprise in store for you, as it is alert enough to deal with intruders who might think to come up from behind.
Price: $49.40
Dragon of the West Wind
Item #: SI-50193
Dragons make powerful symbols in many cultures, appearing in many stories and pieces of stunning artwork. The Dragon of the West Wind forms a dramatic sculpture with excellent details for any home decor.
Price: $53.00
Dragon On Broken Column Statue
Item #: SC7965
Dragons come in different shapes, sizes, and temperaments. This Dragon On Broken Column Statue, for instance, is a small dragon with a distinctive shape and a not-so-friendly disposition that makes it look intimidating for its size.
Price: $25.00
Dragon On Ruins Statue
Item #: WU-1062
Dragons tend to have peculiar tastes when it comes to lairs. Some like caves, others like volcanos. As its name suggests, this Dragon on Ruins Statue happens to like ruins, particularly old stone buildings like castles or fortresses.
Price: $47.50
Dragon Parents Statue Set
Item #: 05-71578
Welcoming a new life to the world is one of the greatest joys a parent can experience, even if that parent is not human! The Dragon Parents Statue Set includes a pair of fantasy figurines each showing a new hatchling.
Price: $17.50
Dragon Protecting Wyrmling Statue
Item #: CC10008
Though dragons are fierce creatures, they can also display protective instincts, especially among their own kind. In the Dragon Protecting Wyrmling Statue, the older black dragon curls carefully around its pure white young.
Price: $100.00
Dragon Slayer Statue
Item #: CC9707
For the fantasy warrior and knight, no task is as daunting, rewarding, or iconic as slaying a dragon. Immortalizing that moment, this Dragon Slayer Statue depicts the two titans of the fantasy setting near the end of their clash.
Price: $90.00
Dragon Standing On A Rock Spring Statue
Item #: WU-1056
Dragons are powerful creatures, as well as inquisitive. This Dragon Standing on a Rock Spring Statue depicts a dragon that embodies both qualities, as the dragon is a grand beast who investigates the spring that lies underfoot.
Price: $47.50
Dragon Sword Keeper Statue
Item #: CC10982
When your enchanted sword is embedded deep into the ground, what else would you choose to guard it other than a dragon? The Dragon Sword Keeper Statue is a great way to add a touch of medieval fantasy to the look of your home decor.
Price: $55.00
Dragon Sword Statue Set
Item #: 05-71499
Now you can easily decorate your home or office with the Dragon Sword Statue Set. This package consists of a variety of figurines that capture the essence of a legendary beast and will accent any room they are placed in.
Price: $16.00
Dragon Tarasque Statue
Item #: SC7040
This medieval statue features a purple dragon with a dark red under belly, its wings spread out ready for flight. The dragon tarasque statue would make a great addition to any dragon collection. The dragon statue measures 9 inches tall.
Price: $31.00
Dragon with Cross Statue LED Light
Item #: 05-71224
The Dragon with Cross LED Light is a way to add color to any room. This LED light features an armoured dragon perched on the top of a Celtic cross. The dragon guards a crystal that hangs below the cross he is perched on.
Price: $23.75
Dragon with Egg Statue
Item #: SC8641
Like many creatures, mother dragons will fiercely protect their eggs and newly hatched young with extreme prejudice. The Dragon with Egg Statue displays an example of this strong maternal instinct in its detailed design.
Price: $35.00
Dragon with Hatchlings Statue
Item #: CC10007
Dragons possess strong maternal instincts, especially during the birth of their young. In the Dragon with Hatchlings Statue, the mother watches as her two young emerge from their shells as she keeps a wary eye out for interlopers.
Price: $115.00
Dragon with Sword and Staff Statue
Item #: 05-71376
Despite their ferocity, dragons are intelligent, and many are not only gifted warriors and powerful sorcerers, too. And in this Dragon with Sword and Staff Statue, we catch a glimpse of a dragon who happens to be both.
Price: $103.00
Dragon with Sword Statue
Item #: 05-71254
The Dragon with Sword Statue features a dragon in silver armour with gold accents. He stands on a stone platform while pulling a sword from a highly detailed scabbard. This dragon statue is made of hand-painted cold cast resin.
Price: $17.50
Dragonkin Statue
Item #: WU-1384
Whether you become entranced by her gaze or rattled in fear, you cannot help but be enamored by the striking Dragonkin Statue. The dragons at her side may be small in size, but they will swiftly grow.
Price: $66.00
Dragonling with Gem Set
Item #: 05-71670
Young dragonlings protect the beginnings of a fabulous hoard. Each vibrantly colored baby dragon of the Dragonling with Gem Set holds a spherical bauble in its claws or tail. Though small, these dragons guard their treasures fiercely.
Price: $15.00