Decorative Fencing Rapiers
The rapier is a classic standard; it was once regarded as the sword of choice not only among gentlemen and nobility, but also became one of the most common swords of the era, achieving nothing short of wide-spread use, both in matters of personal honor and in actual conflicts between enemies. And now, Medieval Collectibles is happy to offer you a number of decorative fencing rapiers. Each and every one of our decorative fencing rapiers are modeled after the appearance or style of a rapier that was, at one point, accepted and common; some are actually even replicas designed after historical swords.
Fencing Jackets, Fencing Masks Fencing Equipment
The sport of rapier fencing is hugely popular, and while a number of purpose-designed rapiers are available, the availability of protective equipment has been left largely to the devices of the fencer. Our Rapier Fencing Jackets are made specifically for this sport, provides torso protection for rapier fencers. The design promotes a Renaissance period appearance but permits free arm movement in both single and two-weapon combat. Our fencing jackets have left-side zippered closure is used to avoid penetrable openings in the target area. The fencing jacket has a nylon shell with captive cotton fiber fill quilted to prevent padding migration. We also have fencing mask to protect the head and neck area.
Functional Main Gauche, Fencing Main Gauche and Practical Main Gauche
Medieval Collectibles has a fine selection of high quality functional fencing Main Gauches. A Main Gauche is a left handed dagger that is used to guard when fencing. A dagger is to a sword as a main gauche is to a rapier. There are many different styles of functional fencing main gauches like Spanish, German and Italian. The Main Gauche was mainly used in the 17th Century. We offer a large variety of mostly functional (battle ready) and a few decorative Main Gauches.
Functional Fencing Foils, Practice Foils, Fencing Sabres and Fencing Epee
The fencing foil is used for practice sessions by fencers worldwide, these sport fencing weapons are ideal for the recreational fencer. Fencing foils are a very thin weapon with a blunted or foiled tip. Fencing foils are designed only for thrusting with tempered high carbon steel blades. Fencing foils are flexible enough to bend upon striking an opponent, in order to prevent injuries. Medieval Collectibles is proud to carry a full line of functional fencing foils for you to learn and practice the sport of fencing.
Fencing Rapiers, Functional Rapiers, and Renaissance Rapiers
The Rapier was popular in the late 16th and early 17th century. The rapier was a dueling weapon whose form was developed from cut and thrust swords. Its use was more brutal and forceful than the light sport fencing that we know of today. As a civilian weapon of urban self-defense, a true rapier was a tip-based thrusting sword that used stabbing and piercing, not slashing and cleaving. True rapier blades ranged from early flatter triangular blades to thicker, narrow hexagonal ones. Rapier hilts range from swept styles, to later dishes and cups. It had no true cutting edge such as with military swords for war.
Swept Hilt Rapiers, Fencing Rapiers, Solingen Rapiers and Torino Rapiers
Swordplay with the swept hilt rapier was considered an essential part of a gentleman's education and was often used in resolving gentlemanly disagreements. Functional fencing rapier blades typically originated in Toledo or Solingen and would be hilted by regional smiths, resulting in many hilt styles. Hilt finishes were both practical and decorative and gilding, silvering and bluing were all widely accepted methods of providing both decoration and resistance to rust.