Celtic Coins
The Celtic people were not without their own form of currency; very few societies on history could effectively manage a system of trade and bartering without some form of currency that accompanied it. At Medieval Collectibles, we carry a select assortment of Celtic coins that were inspired by historical coins that have been identified as Celtic in origin. All of our Celtic coins are made from pewter, and feature either an antique-plated finish or a gold-plated finish. Most of our Celtic coins are staters, which translates in ancient Greek to weight. Many of our Celtic coins were also produced by the Celtic settlers of Briton and Armorica.
Fantasy Coins, Game of Thrones Coins, Wheel of Time Coins and Arthurian Coins
Coins from fantasy are every bit as intriguing as the coins that come from history. These intriguing medallions of precious metal tell their own stories, whether they are coins that were not to be or coins from fictional stories. At Medieval Collectibles, we have a selection of great fantasy coins, ranging from hypothetical currencies with a historic design to pieces of pure fantasy from the pages of your favorite books!
Greek Coins
Currency has always made the world go around: this fact has barely changed since the dawn of time. And here at Medieval Collectibles, we are offering you a wide assortment of fantastic coins, each one designed from the early eras of Greek history. These Greek coins are meticulously made and wonderful in form: they feature hallmarks of the once-great Greek societies that would have used these coins as well as featuring a craftsmanship that makes them look less like replications and more like restored historical works. Among their number, you'll find coins such as the stater and the didrachm: two coins that were well-used and well-known throughout all of ancient Greece.
Medieval Coins and Middle Age Coins
At Medieval Collectibles, we offer a wide assortment of medieval coins for your purchasing pleasure; given the nature of a new monarch to sometimes re-mint currency to feature their own likeness or the tendency to re-mind currency to honor a certain monarch during or after their lifetime our medieval coins feature a variety of kings and images as well as coming in a variety of denominations that were used throughout medieval Europe. While featuring primarily English kings and English medieval coins, this category contains nearly all of our medieval coins that do not find direct usage during any of the other named eras.
Pirate Coins
Pirates are, perhaps, one of the most well-known professions that find themselves in possession of a great many coins; one might even consider pirates collectors of coins with a collection that was frequently subject to change. And of course, Medieval Collectibles is here to offer a number of fantastic pirate coins for the modern-day pirate who finds himself, or herself, decidedly lacking a good amount of pirate coins. We carry a variety of pirate coins, from the cherished gold doubloon to the well-known piece of eight, which has found a place not only in world history but also within pirate lore.
Roman Coins
Given the span of time that the Romans held their empire, it stands to reason that they would have featured several forms of currency and coinage, especially since each emperor wanted to have his likeness on roman currency. Here at Medieval Collectibles, we offer a wide array of several types of roman coins, all faithful and historical reproductions, cast in pewter with either an antiquated or gold-plated finish. These roman coins come in various denominations, from the small as to the major denarius many of which feature the bust of the ruling emperor when the coin was first struck in history.
Saxon Coins and Norman Coins
The Saxons and the Normans were both a people known for their tenacity and their military prowess; both inevitably settled in many places, although they both found Briton, what is now modern-day England, as their home, and thus, the Saxon and Norman coins offered by us at Medieval Collectibles are similar in name and shape to some of the most common forms of English currency, particularly the penny. Many of our Saxon and Norman coins feature busts of Saxon and Norman kings on coins made of pewter with antique-plating; some even feature an included pamphlet that details small bits of information about both coin and people.
Tudor Coins
At Medieval Collectibles we offer a wide array of historical memorabilia, including a number of stylish and authentic historical coins. Among those offered historical coins are a series of coins based off of the founding patrons of the Tudor dynasty of England. These coins are based on the historical coinage that was minted at the foundation of the Tudor dynasty or saw use throughout their rule of England. The Tudor coins are historically accurate; they represent a number of the denominations that are typical in English currency at the time, including denominations like the sixpence, the groat, and the crown among others that were used at the time.
Viking Coins
It should come as little enough surprise that Vikings had coins; very few cultures exist in history today that did not possess some form of currency, in one way or another and the Vikings are no different in this regard. And here at Medieval Collectibles, we carry an array of Viking coins. Given that most currency was made from gold and silver, most Vikings dealt with not only their own currency, but the currencies of many groups Vikings were not only raiders but also well-known as traders and explorers, after all.