A Touch of Frost Fairy Statue
Item #: CC9265
It has been said that there is a fairy for all things in nature. This A Touch of Frost Fairy Statue is a lovely image that depicts the change of seasons, showing the warm colors of autumn tinged with the chill beauty of winter.
Price: $30.00
Acorn Fairy Boy Statue
Item #: CC11937
Everyone has that one piece of interest they love. For the fairy lad in the Acorn Fairy Boy Statue, that thing is acorns. Crafted from cold cast resin, this charming fairy statue has been hand-painted to enhance quality and detail.
Price: $12.00
Admina of the Red Wolves Fairy Statue
Item #: CC11889
As the days grow colder, the hunters grow bolder. While they are permitted to hunt, they are under the command to take only what they need. The fairy of the Admina of the Red Wolves Statue observes them to ensure this law is obeyed.
Price: $56.00
Amidst the Waves Unicorn and Fairy Statue
Item #: CC11376
Placing an elegant hand over her heart, this water fairy promises to protect the beautiful ocean shores entrusted to her care. Let all who view the Amidst the Waves Unicorn and Fairy Statue find inspiration from her deep devotion.
Price: $72.00
Aneira of the Winter Wolves Fairy Statue
Item #: CC11888
The name Aneira is loosely translated to mean snow. How fitting that the fairy of the Aneira of the Winter Wolves Fairy Statue should be given that name, she and her wolf companion embodying the winter season in all its frozen glory.
Price: $56.00
Anemone Fairy Statue
Item #: CC9184
Fairies and flowers have long been companions, due to how fairies live with and look after all that lies in nature. In this Anemone Fairy Statue, the duo featured is a lovely fairy seated with beautiful and colorful anemone blooms.
Price: $27.50
Angel of Blades Statue
Item #: 05-91502
Depicting an angel as fearsome as she is pretty, the Angel of Blades Statue features an elegant angel with wings outspread and weapons in hand. Her halo is decorated with daggers, and a fire breathing dragon follows in her wake.
Price: $38.75
Angelic Fairy with Baby Dragon Statue
Item #: 05-91449
The Angelic Fairy with Baby Dragon Statue is an incredibly detailed piece that features a scene between a fairy and her newest pet. The fairy sits idly by while a baby red dragon perches comfortably on her shoulder.
Price: $107.50
Aracnafaria Statue
Item #: WU-1115
Fairies can embody any concept in nature. This one embodies the dark beauty and grace that can be found in spiders of all sorts. This Aracnafaria Statue depicts a beautiful fairy that could be the human form of a widow spider.
Price: $53.50
Archer Angel Statue
Item #: 05-91501
For whatever reason, this angel has chosen to take up a weapon, and her weapon of choice is the bow and arrow. The Archer Angel Statue is a brilliant fantasy statue that depicts an angel preparing to nock an arrow onto her bowstring.
Price: $38.75
Arctic Fairy Archer with Wolf Statue
Item #: CC11373
A chilling wind blows and the mournful howling of a wolf pack echoes through the mountains. A curtain of snow parts to reveal the Artic Fairy Archer with Wolf Statue ready to let lose a lethal arrow, prepared to protect her realm.
Price: $150.00
Arctic Wolf Fairy Statue
Item #: 05-91904
The fairy depicted in the Arctic Wolf Fairy Statue sits hunched over with her head resting on one knee, gazing out pensively. She wears a hood made from the pelt of a white winter wolf, matching her boots and the trim on her gloves.
Price: $86.00
Armed Steampunk Dragon Fairy Statue
Item #: CC10674
Prepared for whatever situation she encounters, this bold fairy stands with a steampunk gun in her hands. The Armed Steampunk Dragon Fairy Statue also displays her dragon companion crouching at her feet on their pedestal.
Price: $110.00
Aurora Fairy Statue
Item #: SC5295
Twirling her auburn hair in serene thought, this fairy stands amidst the green leaves and pink blossoms of spring. The Aurora Fairy Statue, made of cold cast resin, displays this fairy in beautiful hand painted pastel colors.
Price: $80.00
Autumn Bubbles Tribal Fairy Statue
Item #: CC11390
Releasing a stream of bubbles into a crisp breeze is a delightful pastime for this tiger-striped pixie. The Autumn Bubbles Tribal Fairy Statue reveals a playful side as she awaits the exciting changes that the fall season brings.
Price: $25.00
Autumn Dryad Fairy Statue
Item #: 05-91403
The Autumn Dryad Fairy Statue depicts a fairy who has devised a new approach to the fall season. Instead of weathering the season in her present form, she is turning herself into a tree in order to sleep through the chilly months.
Price: $32.50
Autumn Fairy and Unicorn Statue
Item #: 05-91564
The Autumn Fairy and Unicorn Statue features a pretty fairy as she lies on the ground and reads from a book to a young unicorn. With its striking colors and incredible detailing, this statue is an excellent piece of fantasy decoration.
Price: $57.00
Autumn Fairy Jewelry Dish
Item #: CC9990
Autumn reveals some of the richest tones of orange and bronze. This beauty of fall is contained in the Autumn Fairy Jewelry Dish, which features a fairy sitting upon a dish to hold the jewelry of any collector.
Price: $22.50
Autumn Fairy on Leaf Statue
Item #: 05-91862
Certain fairies feel an affinity for a particular season of the year, displaying the connection in their appearance. The Autumn Fairy on Leaf Statue makes a perfect example of this with her golden brown and orange hues of fall.
Price: $77.00
Autumn Fairy with Butterfly Statue
Item #: 05-91472
This Autumn Fairy with Butterfly Statue seems content to spend the hours lying on the ground, idly watching a butterfly that has landed on her hand. This fairy figurine is a fine example of fantasy art at its most exquisite.
Price: $27.50
Autumn Fairy with Dragon Statue
Item #: CC9017
Fairies are rare, and dragons are even more so, and yet this Autumn Fairy with Dragon Statue depicts a seemingly impossible scene like a natural occurrence, putting the two together for what seems to be a simple, friendly chat.
Price: $27.50
Autumn Fairy with Orb Statue
Item #: 05-91960
Perhaps her gazing orb can tell this fairy what the shifting seasons have in store. The Autumn Fairy with Orb Statue depicts a lovely autumnal fairy clad in fallen leaves, crouching amongst mushrooms and holding an orb in her hand.
Price: $21.50
Autumn Fairy with Unicorn Statue
Item #: 05-91563
The Autumn Fairy with Unicorn Statue depicts a lovely fairy dressed in colors reminiscent of autumn and decorated with leaves. She is accompanied by a white unicorn that features elegant vine patterns emblazoned on its legs.
Price: $45.00
Autumn Fairyland Fairy Statue
Item #: CC9733
Fairies tend to love all seasons equally, and, for proof of that, you need only look at this Autumn Fairyland Fairy Statue. Not only does this fairy seem to embrace the change of the seasons, but she embodies it, as well!
Price: $20.00
Autumn Forest Fairy Statue
Item #: 05-91903
The Autumn Forest Fairy Statue depicts a beautiful fairy queen sitting regally with her wolf and eagle companions. Her delicate, hand-painted wings are spread out behind her, and fall leaves decorate the dark stone base.
Price: $95.00
Autumn Leaf Fairy Statue
Item #: CC9266
All of the seasons have their own beauty, but autumn is the most remembered, thanks to its vibrancy and color. This Autumn Leaf Fairy Statue depicts everything that is great about the fall season, while also featuring fairy magic, too.
Price: $30.00
Autumn Leaf Forest Pixie Statue
Item #: 05-91715
Sometimes, you just have to stop and admire nature - and that is exactly what this pixie is doing! Of course, this Autumn Leaf Forest Pixie Statue remains a lovely creature, possessed of elfin features and fairy beauty.
Price: $63.00
Autumn Leaf Toadstool Fairy Statue
Item #: CC11387
The crisp air and the vibrant leaves of fall are best enjoyed with a dear friend. For the magical nymph of the Autumn Leaf Toadstool Fairy Statue, nothing is as agreeable as a comfortable mushroom and the company of a ladybird.
Price: $30.00
Autumn Leaves Fairy Statue
Item #: 05-91939
The Autumn Leaves Fairy Statue sits on a stone base in a pile of fallen leaves, having caught two leaves in her upturned palms. Deep orange leaves adorn her long dark hair and cover her body, creating her seasonal apparel.
Price: $54.00
Autumnal Fairy with Baby Dragon Statue
Item #: CC10973
Fairies and dragons are enticing enough on their own. Put them together in a gorgeous array of autumn tones, and you will have something magical. This Autumnal Fairy with Baby Dragon Statue combines the allure of fantasy and fall.
Price: $64.00
Avalons Gold Fairy Statue
Item #: CC9264
All that glimmers might not be gold, but all treasure is not exactly gold and jewels, either. This Avalons Gold Fairy Statue is the perfect example, as the fairy depicted is not quite gold, but she is still a beauty to be treasured.
Price: $30.00
Awakened Purple Flower Fairy Statue
Item #: 05-91594
Even fairies have to get their rest, so that, come the dawn, they can spend time cavorting and dancing to their whims! This Awakened Purple Flower Fairy Statue depicts such a moment, as a pixie casts off the last remnants of rest.
Price: $23.50