Buccaneer Beauty Long Drop Cameo Necklace
Item #: FM-68663
This Buccaneer Beauty Long Drop Cameo Necklace is a jumble of fine decorations, all tangled up into one impressive necklace. In short, it is a piece of pirate jewelry featuring almost all the finery a female pirate could ever want.
Price: $9.00
Crossed Skull Necklace
Item #: CCJ020
The Crossed Skull Necklace is an intriguing item that features a distinct pirate style. This necklace features a worn skull with a pair of pistols crossed behind it, slightly altering the look of the traditional skull and crossbones.
Price: $7.70
Pirate Captain Skull Necklace
Item #: CCJ347
Pirates, captains, and pirate hunters of all sorts will find something they like in the Pirate Captain Skull Necklace! Pirates will love it for its style, and pirate hunters will love it as a symbol of a pirate who got what he deserved!
Price: $12.00
Pirate Coin Neck Knife
Item #: MC-FM-455
A neck knife is a small, fixed-blade knife carried from a pendant rig, which suspends the knife around the neck. Often a hidden weapon, a pirate would be well-served by masquerading his Pirate Coin Neck Knife as a medallion.
Price: $7.00
Pirate Flames Necklace
Item #: CCJ102
The Pirate Flames Necklace combines a historically classic pirate symbol, the skull and crossbones, with an incredibly vivid and colorful inferno. It is made from a lead free metal and includes a simple silver chain for wearing.
Price: $12.50
Pirate Medallion Necklace
Item #: MC-COIN
It was a wise man indeed who once cautioned against possessing pirates gold. Pirates would surely want their gold back by any means necessary. Thus, only the bold will want to wear the Pirate Medallion Necklace.
Price: $5.00
Pirate Skeleton Pewter Pendant
The Pirate Skeleton Pewter Pendant depicts the grim herald of the buccaneers who terrorized the oceans during the Golden Age of Piracy. Whether merchant or naval officer, few would spy this emblem without acquiring a sense of dread.
Price: $4.84
Pirate Skull Necklace
Item #: CC10360
Perfect for Talk Like a Pirate Day or anytime you feel like adopting a touch of swashbuckler style, the Pirate Skull Necklace features an eye-catching and colorful design that any scallywag will love adding to an outfit.
Price: $15.00
Pirate Skull Pewter Pendant
This grim visage decorated the flags of many buccaneer ships, inspiring dread in naval officers, merchants, and civilians alike. The Pirate Skull Pewter Pendant depicts the herald of the sailors who ruled the oceans for nearly a century.
Price: $4.84
Pirate with Blade Necklace
Item #: CCJ014
It is hard to imagine a more fearsome and detailed symbol of piracy than the Pirate with Blade Necklace. It is no skull and crossbones, but this necklace more than makes up for that with its detail and amazing appearance.
Price: $7.30
Round Skull Cross Necklace
Item #: CCJ069
The Round Skull Cross Necklace is an intriguing and attractive combination of concepts and styles into a single, cohesive accessory that features a startling and striking appearance that is as eye-catching as it is detailed.
Price: $11.50
Silver Anchor Pendant and Chain
Item #: PS-TSE696
Even the mightiest ship needed an anchor to keep from drifting, this essential sailing tool viewed as a mark of endurance. With the Silver Anchor Pendant and Chain, you can wear it as a reminder to stay focused on what lies ahead.
Price: $50.00
Silver Compass Rose Pendant and Cord
Item #: PS-TSE693
Traveling back through time, an adventurous seafarer never set sail without some form of navigation. While many chose an experienced sailor, the most well-known tool used is memorialized in the Silver Compass Rose Pendant and Cord.
Price: $55.00
Silver Jolly Roger Neck Knife
Item #: NP-YC9017
Declare loyalty to the Brethren of the Coast and devotion to the Seven Seas with the Silver Jolly Roger Neck Knife. Be you a debonair privateer or a ruthless buccaneer, this necklace adds a touch of intimidation to your presence.
Price: $9.00
Silver Sailboat Pendant and Chain
Item #: PS-TSE695
There is nothing quite as relaxing as a day out at sea, but such a voyage isnt always possible. When the wind and sea are unforgiving, the Silver Sailboat Pendant and Chain provides you with the sense of sailing to fill your heart!
Price: $48.00
Silver Schooner Pendant and Chain
Item #: PS-TSE692
Known throughout the world for their speed and navigability, the schooner has remained one of the most popular seafaring vessels of history. Embrace this master of the seven seas by wearing the Silver Schooner Pendant and Chain!
Price: $60.00
Skull Cross Neck Knife
Item #: MC-FM-425
A neck knife is a small, fixed-blade knife carried from a pendant rig, which suspends the knife around the neck. The Skull Cross Neck Knife is exactly this and more - stylish, gothic, and an acceptable utility and self-defense tool.
Price: $8.00
Skull Cross Necklace
Item #: CCJ325
The gothic Skull Cross Necklace is a sleek and intriguing accessory that combines a series of dark symbols into a rough cross. Nails, scythes, and skulls can all be seen in the design of this gothic pendant.
Price: $11.50
Skull Padlock Necklace
Item #: CCJ241
A lock may not be the most traditional accessory to wear around your neck, but when it is as nice as the Skull Padlock Necklace, exceptions can be made. This stylish pendant looks like a traditional lock decorated with gothic features.
Price: $13.00
Skull Poker Necklace
Item #: CCJ195
The Skull Poker Necklace is a fantastic personal accessory that features gothic style in a card shaped pendant. This fantastic necklace is made from lead free metal and depicts a royal skull against a gray metal card.
Price: $16.50
Skull with Ring Necklace
Item #: CCJ031
Perfectly combining elegant gothic style with a tribal design, the Skull with Ring Necklace is a fantastic accessory that consists of a small skull paired with a flared ring, giving it an uncomplicated yet attractive look.
Price: $7.70
Skull X Necklace
Item #: CCJ070
The Skull X Necklace is a fantastic accessory that fits into several different styles, thanks to its incredible appearance. This pendant features a scowling skull, as well as a styled X shape that sits just behind the skull.
Price: $10.50