Instructional Books on Harps, Bagpipes and Lutes
Medieval Collectibles has the perfect instructional manual for beginning musicians. Whether you are learning to play the Harp, the Bagpipe or the Lute, you'll find a nice selection of instructional books and cd's which feature information on how to tune your instrument, how to read music, finger placement, songs to play and general, understandable information on how to play your new instrument.
Harp Replacement Strings, Harp Cases, Bagpipe Cases
If you are buying or already have any of our Musical Instruments, such as Harps and Bagpipes, make sure you take a look in our Accessory category to see what else may be convenient to have. Medieval Collectibles offers travel and carrying cases for your Harp or Bagpipe so it is easy to transport them and keep them safe when being stored. You'll find traditional style Harp Stands that you can use to rest your Harp on while playing and then use it as a display table while not playing. We also have replacement strings for many of the Harps we carry, unfortunately the strings don't last forever, but are very reasonably priced, so when it is changing time it is not a huge expense.
Medieval and Renaissance Drums, Tabor Drums and Cymbals
Percussion Instruments produce sound by being hit or shaken, any movement that creates a vibration so the object can make its sound. Medieval Collectibles has a large selection of Medieval and Renaissance two headed drums, Tabor Drums, Monks Bells, Jingle Bells and Cymbals. Any percussion instrument adds depth to your music, whether you are a performer in a group or just like to play for fun. Our Medieval Drums and Bells are top quality and totally functional. All of our drums come with a set of drum sticks.
Medieval Harps, Celtic Harps and Renaissance Lutes
Medieval Collectibles offers a great selection of String Instruments that are perfect for recreating Period music. The selection is made up of mainly Harps, but we also offer a Renaissance Lute which is a pretty easy instrument to learn and it comes with a case and instructional book. Our Harp selection ranges from contemporary styles to Celtic styles with engraved Celtic knotwork. With many styles to choose from, such as our miniature Baby Harps that are about 15" tall to our large floor models that are 51" tall, you'll find everything in between. Harps sound beautiful when played solo or in a group setting, perfect for the Renaissance Fair performer, beginner or professional Harp player.
Scottish Bagpipes, Medieval Flutes and Renaissance Trumpets
There are many different types of Wind Instruments that were used back in Medieval and Renaissance times. These instruments were played for pleasure, at celebrations or feasts and also used for military purposes. The main types of Wind Instruments you'll find here at Medieval Collectibles are Traditional Scottish Bagpipes, Practice Chanters, all kinds of Flutes and many types of Horns, even some Civil War style bugles.