Pirate Jewelry

Arr Matey! When one is sailing the High Seas, make sure you have the best accessories, like our cool Pirate themed necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings! Whether you wear them around every day or only to the Pirate Festivals, you are sure to get compliments on these unique pieces of jewelry. Our pirate jewelry is made of quality sterling silver or pewter. Pirate jewelry will add the perfect touch to your pirate outfit or garb.
Pirate Bracelets
Pirate Bracelets

Pirates love jewelry. This stems from their love of gold and silver, which, again, stems from their love of basically all things valuable. So whether its earrings, pendants, rings, or even bracelets, you can almost bet that a pirate will love it just because its jewelry and jewelry is usually a valuable. And speaking of bracelets, here at Medieval Collectibles we have a couple of really stylish pirate bracelets available for the discerning pirate who is looking to acquire him or herself a shiny new trinket. Many of our pirate bracelets feature skulls, which are either the focal point of the item or at least worked into the design somewhere.

Pirate Earrings, Jolly Roger Earrings, Pirate Coin Earrings and Skull and Crossbone Earrings
Pirate Earrings

An earring could be a powerful accessory for a pirate. Some believed the precious metal might enhance their sight, while for others, it was a clever way to keep some plunder on hand at all times. Either way, it was also a key element in a pirates chosen style too! Medieval Collectibles carries a number of fine pirate earrings that draw inspiration from the Age of the Sail as well as the Golden Age of Piracy.

Pirate Necklaces
Pirate Necklaces

A pirate without jewelry? Who ever heard of such a ridiculous thing? Medieval Collectibles certainly has not, which is why we offer a number of items that are perfect accoutrements that are great to hang around a pirates neck. Now, truth be told, a great deal of jewelry is somewhat appropriate for a pirate to wear, especially in the realm of necklaces; really, as long as its valuable, its something a pirate might have considered wearing. But if you are looking for something that looks valuable and features pirate symbols and pirate feeling, then you are going to need some of our pirate necklaces.

Pirate Pendants, Pirate Necklaces and Pirate Jewelry
Pirate Pendants

If you are looking for remarkable pendants to compliment your pirate clothing you are in the right spot. Our pirate pendants are made of quality sterling silver or pewter. Our Pirate Pendants feature classic designs like the Jolly Roger, Skull and Crossbones, Skeleton Pirates with Cutlasses, Pirate Coin Pendants and Pirate Flags. Our Pirate jewelry will add the perfect touch to your pirate outfit.

Pirate Rings, Skull Rings and Pirate Jewelry
Pirate Rings

Medieval Collectibles is proud to present our new pirate rings. These rings feature designs like Pirate Captains, Pirate Swords and Skull and Crossbones. Our pirate rings are made of quality sterling silver. Pirate jewelry will add the perfect touch to your pirate garb. Great for everyday wear and the perfect gift for the Pirate in your life.