Dungeon Wares

Medieval Collectibles offers fully functional locks, shackles, whips, dungeon keys and dungeon chains. The dungeon is a part of medieval history where prisoners were taken for treason, thief or any other crime. Our dungeon wares are great for stage play, theaters, medieval re-enactments and movies. Whether its roleplaying or reenactments we have many styles of medieval whips for punishment and dungeon locks for keeping your prisoner from leaving. These are essential to any dungeon and also make interesting decor.
Dungeon Keys, Castle Keys, Medieval Keys and Fortress Keys
Dungeon Keys

We have a great accessory for your medieval home decor, our dungeon keys. Dungeon keys are great for using as stage props and productions or just to carry them around at the renaissance fair. Medieval Collectibles has dungeon keys that include castle keys, fortress keys, and rustic dungeon keys. Some keys have a aged rusted finish to give them an authentic look and others have a polished brass finish to make them look newer. Each set of keys has a larger ring holding four or more dungeon keys on it. Whether your needing a stage prop or to give your dungeon or castle an added look these brass castle keys will help.

Dungeon Locks, Medieval Padlocks, Dungeon Handcuffs, and Dungeon Chains
Dungeon Locks

These functional replica locks with keys are darkened and weathered to replicate the originals in used during the Middle Ages. Are you looking for handcuffs and locks for you medieval dungeon? Medieval Collectibles has medieval locks and handcuffs that will do the trick. Our Medieval handcuffs, padlocks, shackles, and dungeon locks are fully functional and come with a key. We also have prison ball and chain leg shackles that are modeled those used in the Clink Prison of London England.

Dungeon Whips, Leather Bullwhips, Cat of Nine Tails, and Medieval Whips
Dungeon Whips

Medieval Collectibles has a huge selection of medieval whips that are very functional. We have bullwhips, cat of nine tail whips, punishing whips and sjamboks that are made of top grain high quality leather. Our leather bullwhips are extremely durable and suitable for professional or recreational use. A dungeon or torture chamber would not be complete without these dungeon whips.

Miniature Torture Devices, Miniature Guillotines, Miniature Gallows, and Miniature Pillories
Miniature Torture Devices

Perfectly macabre, the Miniature Torture Devices at Medieval Collectibles feature a number of detailed torture device replicas that make a grisly option for your decor. Our miniature guillotine, miniature gallows, and miniature pillory serve as the start of a unique collection. These scale models provide a historical touch for your home or office. Browse our miniature torture devices to find the ideal item to complement your dungeon atmosphere.