Greek and Roman Jewelry

The Greek and Roman Empires remain some of the most important and powerful civilizations to have ever existed. Now you can dress with impressive Grecian or Roman style with the help of the Greek and Roman Jewelry here at Medieval Collectibles! We carry a variety of Roman and Grecian accessories to help set off your look, crafted from fine materials like gold, pewter, leather, beads, and faux gemstones. Browse to find a number of Greek and Roman pendants and necklaces, earrings, bracelets and torcs, rings, and more. Many of these pieces feature Greek or Roman icons and motifs such as owls, dolphins, laurels, coins, and many others. These excellent pieces of Roman and Greek jewelry make the perfect finishing touch for anyone dressing as a gladiator, Greek orator, or decadent Roman citizen.
Greek Bracelets, Roman Bracelets, and Grecian Bracelets
Greek & Roman Bracelets

Find the perfect Greek or Roman Bracelet to go with the rest of your Hellenistic ensemble here at Medieval Collectibles. We carry a fantastic selection of Greek and Roman torc bracelets, beaded bracelets, and leather bracelets for your enjoyment. Our Grecian bracelets and Roman cuffs ensure that no detail of your gladiator or emperor look is left incomplete. Take a moment to browse and find the perfect finishing touch.

Greek Earrings, Roman Earrings, and Grecian Earrings
Greek & Roman Earrings

When you want the complete Greco-Roman look for your next toga party, do not forget to check out the Greek and Roman Earrings we carry here at Medieval Collectibles! Our Roman and Grecian earrings feature iconic Hellenistic symbols and motifs in their designs, and they are crafted from fine materials like pewter and gold. Our Greek and Roman hook earrings go great with other pieces of our historical jewelry, so be sure to check out our selection!

Greek & Roman Necklaces, Roman & Greek Pendants, and Greco-Roman Necklaces
Greek & Roman Necklaces & Pendants

Adorn yourself with the best accessories from the Greco-Roman world with the help of the Greek and Roman Necklaces and Pendants we offer here at Medieval Collectibles. These Roman and Grecian Necklaces and Pendants include everything from Roman owl pendants to Spartan necklaces to Roman beaded necklaces and everything in between. Many pieces include Hellenistic motifs and symbols from Greek and Roman mythology and culture.

Greek & Roman Rings, Spartan Rings, and Grecian Rings
Greek & Roman Rings

The Greek and Roman Rings that we offer here at Medieval Collectibles make great additions to historical and modern attire with their stunning appearances. We carry Roman and Greek rings featuring Hellenistic symbols from mythology and culture, such as serpents and owls. Additionally, our Roman and Grecian ring knives offer a unique option with their claw-like blades. Spartan warriors to Roman citizens can appreciate the look of these rings.