Superior Service

I am sending you this note because this past Monday, I received superior service from one of your associates, Elizabeth.  I am hosting a Wild West party and needed an outfit to wear and had lots of questions and didn’t even know really which direction to go regarding styling.  Elizabeth was so kind and patient and listened to all my requirements and/or likes and dislikes and assisted me in putting together a fabulous outfit complete with all the accessories and even asked questions such as if I would be standing a lot at the party so she could assess what type of shoes to suggest.  She also called for a one-size-fits-most shirt to be brought to her so she could measure it for me while I was placing my order.  It is not often in this day where anyone receives such outstanding customer service and I thought it worth enough to write to you and let you know you have quite a valuable employee!  Where I may have spent a bit of money on my own not knowing which direction to go and possibly sending things back and getting frustrated, Elizabeth put an outfit together for me and I ended up spending way more than I would have without her help and I was happy to do so.  Additionally, the clothing arrived yesterday and I have to say that she did a fantastic job of stylizing as well because my outfit is just perfect!

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