Zombies Ahead Cone

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Typically an orange traffic cone is used to redirect traffic and indicate possible hazardous conditions on the road. The Zombie Head Cone can do just that, while also being a little more specific about what danger lies ahead. Every inch a classic traffic cone, this cone differs only in a few respects, the major one being that this cone is designed for decoration, not for redirecting traffic. Like a classic traffic cone, though, this bright orange cone has a square base and a standard conical shape. Scrawled in bold black letters across the surface of the cone is the warning of ZOMBIES AHEAD. From base to top, this orange cone measures approximately 9 inches tall. If you know that there are zombies ahead, the polite thing to do is set out this Zombies Ahead Cone, so that you can share your knowledge with others and warn them of possible walking dead encounters they might have up the road.

Key Features:

  • A Classic Orange Traffic Cone Design
  • Looks like an Actual Traffic Cone
  • Black Lettering Reads Zombies Head
  • Novel and Clever Halloween Decoration
  • Great for Zombie Outbreaks and Zombie Walks


  • Height: 9 Inches


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