Zombie Guzzler Wine Holder


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It has been said that zombies hunger only for the flesh of the living, but what do they thirst for? In the case of this Zombie Guzzler Wine Holder, it is for copious amounts of wine! This zombie will guzzle any bottle you give him! The zombie enthusiast in you cannot help but chuckle at the sight of this novel accessory, which depicts a zombie as it rises out of the grave, not hungry for flesh but dying of thirst! Its head rests against a tombstone while its zombie-green skin is a bright color that is sure to draw your eyes. Its open hands await a bottle, and when given one, this zombie will appear to drink from the bottle continuously, almost as if this zombie died of thirst. It is made from cold cast resin, which ensures that it is light yet impressively detailed, while its hand-painted finish gives it a classic coloration that is sure to catch the eye. This is one pet zombie that you can definitely bring into your home, as the Zombie Guzzler Wine Holder will not soon turn on you and eat your brains, not so long as you always give it a bottle to keep its jaws busy.

Key Features:

  • Hand-painted for Vivid Detail
  • Depicts a Green Zombie as it Emerges from the Grave
  • A Great Kitchen Accoutrement
  • Compatible with Most Wine Bottles
  • A Fantastic Decor Item or Gift Idea


  • Crafted from Cold Cast Resin


  • Length: 11.25 Inches
  • Height: 6.1 Inches


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