Zombie Feast T-Shirt

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Bones, brains, and blood galore-a feast fit for a zombie! Wear your love of the undead in your wardrobe with the Zombie Feast T-Shirt. With such vivid and lifelike details, onlookers will definitely be feasting their eyes on you! This t-shirt is made from heavy duty cotton, and it has a relaxed fit so it is comfortable to wear. Depicted on the front of the shirt is an undead beast, his mouth open in a scream as he laments that he has already eaten all of the remaining living humans! He stands in a pile of bones as scavenging birds circle above him. In the background, you can see a horde of brain-eating ghouls making their way toward the scene. Little do they know, there will be nothing left for them when they get there! Tell a story while you show your love of zombies in your wardrobe with the Zombie Feast T-Shirt!

Key Features:

  • Depicts a feasting zombie and his angry horde
  • Made from 100 percent heavy-duty cotton with reinforced seams
  • Relaxed fit t-shirt
  • Pre-shrunk and machine washable
  • Fun and comfortable to wear
  • Great for everyday wear and a fantastic gift idea


  • Small: Fits a 36.1 Inch chest and a 26.04 Inch length
  • Medium: Fits a 39.90 Inch chest and a 27.9 Inch length
  • Large: Fits a 43.7 Inch chest and a 29.76 Inch length
  • X-Large: Fits a 47.5 Inch chest and a 30.69 Inch length
  • XX-Large: Fits a 49.4 Inch chest and a 32.55 Inch length
  • XXX-Large: Fits a 53.2 Inch chest and a 34.41 Inch length


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