Wyverns Wake Candle Hurricane by Julie Fain

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With the rising sun comes awakening dragons. The Wyverns Wake Candle Hurricane by Julie Fain is a stunning fantasy piece that depicts a scene straight out of fiction – as the morning sun rises over the clouds a great wyrm stretches after a long sleep. The scene is quite vibrant and colorful, as the sun casts a bright yellow glow across the clouds. In the foreground, the dragons shape is silhouetted, leaving it dark and shadowed against the bright glare of the sun. The candle holder consists of two pieces, a wood base and a glass hurricane shade. Left alone, this Wyverns Wake Candle Hurricane by Julie Fain is a stellar decoration for any dragon enthusiast to enjoy. Combine it with a lit candle and it takes on new life, though, with a glow to make the sun look like it truly is rising!

Key Features:

  • Made from fine quality materials
  • Consists of a glass hurricane screen and a wood base
  • Depicts the artwork of Julie Fain
  • Depicts a dragon silhouetted against the rising sun
  • Comes with a single tea light candle
  • A stunning gift idea or a great piece of home decor


  • Height: 5 Inches


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