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Worn Ring of Prison Keys


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This is one set of keys that would look right at home, jangling on the belt of a dungeon master or prison keeper. This Worn Ring of Prison Keys has an old cast-iron look that makes them look as if they truly belong in the medieval era. This ring holds nine different keys, all of different sizes and shapes, which would have been used for practically any kind of lock, ranging from those on chests and boxes, to door locks, to prison locks and beyond. Some of the keys on the ring on the ring are long, while others are short. All possess a different bit, or head, which indicates that each key would go to a different lock. Each of the keys is based on the warded lock design. Jailer, dungeon master, treasurer, vault keeper – there are plenty of people in ye old positions that would have need of a series of keys, and for that purpose, this Worn Ring of Prison Keys will serve well in a variety of roles, either hung on a peg on a castle wall, secured to your belt, or even set in a display case!

Key Features:

  • Based on the Warded Lock Pattern
  • Includes a Ring and Nine Different Keys
  • Features Different Sizes, and Different Bits
  • Made from Cast-Metal, with a Forged Iron Finish
  • Has an Authentic, and Realistic Look
  • Great as a Display, Collectible, and Costume Prop


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