Wooden Medieval Bench


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In the ancient days, not everyone could seat themselves upon a throne. Many had to settle for benches, although if it happened to be a bench like this Wooden Medieval Bench, it was still a fairly fine looking seat to rest yourself upon, too. This bench is crafted entirely from fine hardwood, and it recreates the shape of the casual seating that might be found around the edges of a grand hall, as well as the bench-style seating that might be found in inns and taverns throughout the medieval world. The bench features stout, sturdy legs with a long support between them, as well as a flat surface for sitting on. Much of its appeal comes from the fine details and the finish, though, which paints this bench a rich wooden hue of reddish-brown, similar in hue to vibrant shades of natural mahogany. All in all, this Wooden Medieval Bench is a beautiful piece to possess, as well as a fine seat to have in your halls and rooms, ensuring that even your furniture, and therefore, a big part of your decor, carries that beautiful touch of old-world, medieval appeal.

Key Features:

  • Made Entirely From Fine Hardwood
  • Recreates a Casual Sitting Bench in Medieval Style
  • Possesses a Rich, Deep Reddish-Brown Coloration
  • Similar in Coloration to Fine Mahogany Wood
  • A Great Piece of Decor for Medieval Rooms


  • Bench Seat Length: 35.8 Inches
  • Bench Seat Width: 11.5 Inches
  • Bench Height: 16.5 Inches


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