Wooden Letter Opener Box

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A beautiful letter opener needs a beautiful box. Otherwise, it just sits on a desk, undignified, as dust gathers along its blade. With the Wooden Letter Opener Box, you can treat your trusty stationery sword with the respect it deserves. This beautiful cherry-stained container features a sliding lid that fits securely into notches just below the rim of the box. On the surface of the lid at its back end is a small, circular divot for the placement of a thumb so that the lid can be removed without struggle. The Wooden Letter Opener Box is perfect for the storage of your letter openers or other small blades and is sure to keep them safe from harm.

Key Features:

  • Features a sliding lid for secure storage
  • Lid includes a divot for easy opening
  • Beautifully finished in cherry color
  • Perfect for storing letter openers


  • Made from wood


  • Length: 10.24 Inches


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