Wonder Woman Sticker


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The hero readies a defense on the behalf of truth and justice. Her forearms clad in bracers craft from the remnants of a holy shield. The Wonder Woman Sticker features the Amazing Amazon in a pose blessed by the ancient gods. This dedicated DC Comics superhero crosses her arms to unleash the indestructible power of her bracelets. These divine bracelets assist our favorite hero while she protects the inhabitants of the multiverse. She smiles confidently in the face of danger, using her abilities for the greater good. Add this awe-inspiring DC Comics sticker to your Wonder Woman collection.

Key Features:

    • Decorative DC Comics superhero vinyl sticker
    • Designed with a signature Wonder Woman pose
    • Features the Amazon princess with bracelet arms crossed
    • The perfect gift for Wonder Woman fans


    • Approximate Size: 4 Inches


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