Wonder Woman Cuff Bracelets

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Formed from the Aegis shield of Athena, the indestructible bracelets worn by Wonder Woman are one of her most powerful tools. The Wonder Woman Cuff Bracelets feature a wide, forearm guard design that is open along the back. Displaying a brass finish, the cuff design showcases a bold red star in the middle. Two Wonder Woman bracelets are included, making this them the perfect choice for a costume accessory. These bracelets look great with the Wonder Woman Tiara (BM-0157), as well. Now you can feel just like this legendary Amazon warrior princess when you wear her iconic bracelets as a part of your outfit!

Key Features:

  • Licensed DC Comics merchandise
  • Features wide golden bracelets with red stars
  • Includes 2 cuffs
  • Great Wonder Woman accessory for fans!


  • One size fits most.


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