Wonder Woman Backpack

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In her fight with Ares, Wonder Woman demonstrated the strength of an Amazon. You may not have supervillains to deal with, but you sure need that strength to carry all those books! Luckily, the Wonder Woman Backpack is here to lend a hand. This fabric backpack flaunts the red and blue of the legendary Themysciran heroine, and its front is adorned with an antiqued metal Wonder Woman badge. The backpack is trimmed with the reflective outline of a golden eagle, giving it a degree of nighttime visibility. Its interior features two pockets, one of which is padded for the carrying of a laptop or other electronic device. The other pocket includes smaller individual pouches for easy organization. The Wonder Woman Backpack makes a fantastic superhero accessory that is sure to help you channel your inner Amazon.

Key Features:

  • Based on the outfit of Wonder Woman
  • Features reflective gold trim for nighttime visibility
  • Has a padded pocket for the carrying of electronics
  • Secondary pouch has internal organization pockets
  • Perfect for fans of Wonder Woman


  • Made from polyester


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