Wolf Necklace


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The chilling sound of a wolf crying to the moon will send a shiver down the spine of whoever hears it. The Wolf Necklace depicts this very scene with the silhouette of a mournful wolf appearing against pearlescent white enamel. The round white enamel mimics the look of the full moon, giving an atmospheric feel to the piece. Scrolling metal adds detail to the top of the gothic Wolf Necklace, creating the loop for the chain to pass through. The metal of the piece shows off a blackened appearance as it rims the wolf necklace, contrasting the bright sheen of the chain. Crafted by hand in the finest English pewter, the gothic pendant possesses an eye-catching design, making it a striking gothic accessory to add to any ensemble.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted from pewter
  • Comes on a nickel-free chain
  • Displays a wolf crying to the moon
  • Goes great with gothic ensembles
  • Makes a fantastic gift or personal accessory


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