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Wild West Outlaw Wanted Poster Set


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For a skilled gunslinger, hunter, and tracker, a fortune could be made in hunting bounties. All you had to do is find a wanted poster, like those included in this Wild West Outlaw Wanted Poster Set, and follow the directions, and you might get paid. Of course, hunting some of the most notorious criminals and killers in the West was also dangerous business, so you might not get paid, too. These wanted posters are based on actual western lore and are printed on antiqued parchment paper, to create a truly realistic look and feel, making them seem as though they have just come off a sheriffs wall. One poster is for Butch Cassidy, who most famously put together the Wild Bunch and rode with the Sundance Kid. His bounty stands at 4,000 dollars. Another poster is for the infamous Billy the Kid, who stands as much a folk hero as he does an outlaw. His bounty is listed at 5,000 dollars – which Pat Garrett did not get. The last poster is for the criminal known as Black Bart. His bounty stands at 1,000 dollars, the lowest of this bunch. All of the posters feature a sketch or picture, as well as a bit more detailed information, like crimes, where to turn the bounty in, and more. Add the trio to your wall to start your own little collection of old western bounties, or frame each piece of this Wild West Outlaw Wanted Poster Set to create a trio of historic little parchments that will wow all those who see them.

Key Features:

  • Printed on Antiqued Parchment Paper
  • Modeled after Actual Wanted Posters of the West
  • Includes Posters for Butch Cassidy, Billy the Kid, and Black Bart
  • A Great Touch of Authentic Western Style
  • Perfect for Decorating With, Collecting, or Gifting


  • Height: 14 Inches
  • Width: 11.5 Inches


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