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Wide Leafblade Arrowhead

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Arrowheads are like knives – they have many designs, and it is best to choose the right one for the task. This Wide Leafblade Arrowhead is one such design that was used throughout the Middle Ages, all the way up until the renaissance and beyond. This particular arrowhead, weighing approximately one ounce, is made entirely from carbon steel and offered in two finishes, either a blackened, aged, historical finish or a polished steel finish. The arrowhead features a socket attachment point and a rounded broad-head design, offering curved edges for superior cutting and a thick point. For the archery enthusiast and collector, this Wide Leafblade Arrowhead offers the chance to make an old and authentic looking medieval arrow a part of your armory, as well as a fine little arrowhead to use in the creation of your own medieval arrows, too.

Please be aware that these arrowheads are hand-crafted and can vary slightly from what is shown here.

Key Features:

  • Recreates a classic arrowhead from the medieval and renaissance era
  • Features a hand-crafted carbon steel make
  • Offered in either A blackened or a polished finish
  • A great collectible and display piece for collections
  • Perfect for DIY fletching


  • Weight: 1 oz.


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