Welsh Dragon Gold Plated Pin Badge

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With its rich history, and numerous legends of its own, the Red Dragon is a suitable symbol for Wales. Proudly display it at your next historical event, or take some daily inspiration, with the Welsh Dragon Gold Plated Pin Badge. This gold plated replica of the Red Dragon, or Y Ddraig Goch, takes the classic passant pose. It stands on three legs with the right claw raised. The detail of the jewelry piece is impressive. Its clasp fastener makes it easy to attach to your clothing, backpack, or purse. It comes packaged on a full colored information card. Educational notes about the famous landmarks and cultural heritage of Wales displays on the back of the card.

Key Features:

  • Celebrates the cultural heritage of Wales
  • Depicts the Red Dragon of Wales
  • Presented on a card with educational notes
  • Pins to clothing via a clasp fastener
  • Makes a great gift or personal accessory


  • Made from lead-free pewter
  • Gold plated finish


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