Warriors LARP Sword Hanger

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As any fighter or soldier will tell you, it is important for your weapon to be easy to draw. This Warriors LARP Sword Hanger is an effective way to keep your weapon close when it is not in use, while also ensuring that it is easy to draw when needed, too. This LARP sword holder is similar to a sword frog, featuring a pair of belt loops that secure the hanger at your side. The sword tube is accented with a leather medallion that displays a sword, adding a bit of appeal to the accent. Pair up this Warriors LARP Sword Hanger with any of our LARP swords, and you have a winning combination – one that will keep you visually appealing and armed at all times.

Key Features:

  • Crafted entirely from high quality leather
  • Accented with a sword etched leather plate
  • Worn on the belt via two belt loops
  • Offered in two different colors
  • Available in right and left hand draws
  • Works well with many different LARP sword designs


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