War Greaves


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A successful attack to a fighter can render them extremely vulnerable by limiting maneuverability and movement. Leg armor like the War Greaves attempts to protect the tibia and ensure your safety as you fight. These pieces are suitable for LARP events as they are lightweight and allow comfortable and free movement. The 20 gauge stainless steel plates on the greaves require no maintenance while adding interesting style to their look. Crafted from 9-10 oz. black leather, these greaves also display nickel-plated rivets as additional details. The War Greaves are one size fits all with adjustable straps.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted for superior quality and detail
  • Features nickel-plated rivets
  • Includes straps to adjust the fit
  • Great for use in LARP events, Renaissance fairs, theatrical productions, and more!


  • Made from high quality 9-10 oz. leather
  • Crafted with 20 gauge stainless steel


  • One size fits most


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