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No undead or zombified costume can be complete without rotten and decaying flesh. The officially licensed Walker Rot Appliance is based on images from the number one AMC show and will help complete your transformation into a walker. This latex appliance features a fleshy area that has multiple rotting wounds that are expertly detailed. The flesh is swollen and red with an incredibly gory appearance. This fake rotting skin is easy to apply, requiring just a little bit of spirit gum to adhere to the skin. Please note, however, that the prosthetics do not include spirit gum, but it can be purchased on this site. This rotten flesh prosthetic is perfect when used with an undead costume where rot is anticipated, or any costume that suffers from a virus that causes flesh to decay.

This item cannot be returned or exchanged.

Key Features:

  • Licensed Walking Dead merchandise
  • Based on numerous pictures from various seasons of the show
  • Depicts wounded, necrotic flesh
  • Simple and easy to apply
  • Perfect for haunted houses, Halloween, or costume parties


  • Made from Latex


  • Size: 4 Inches


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