Voodoo Doll Necklace


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Inspired by ancient European origin, this Voodoo Doll Necklace resembles the cunning folk method of breaking an enchantment set by a malevolent witch. These poppets could be used either to heal or curse as a form of sympathetic magic. Handcrafted from fine English pewter, this Gothic necklace features an antiqued pendant of a hastily stitched voodoo doll with peg holes at the six principle body points (eye, mouth, heart, stomach, hand, and foot). A short length of blackened chain from the right hand holds a peg pin, used for focusing ones attention on a specific area for healing. The eerie pendant is suspended from a hangmans rope of black cord, from a pewter bail, on a split blackened, 21 inch curb chain, with a clasp fastener. The bail is engraved with an esoteric sigil resembling a trident. A curious personal accent or gift idea, the Voodoo Doll Necklace is a noteworthy piece with elements of Gothic style.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted in England
  • Displays a pentagram within a studded heart
  • Possesses a fine level of intricate detail
  • Perfect with casual or costume ensembles
  • Morbid personal accent or gift idea


  • Made from fine English pewter
  • Pendant hangs from a nickel-free chain


  • Pendant Height: 5.4 Inches
  • Pendant Width: 1.5 Inches
  • Pendant Depth: 0.3 Inch
  • Chain Length: 21 Inches


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