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When it comes to putting together a steampunk style, good footwear is a must-have. And these Vintage Steampunk Heels are a classy choice for any lady to make, allowing her to infuse neo-Victorian style into every facet of her latest and greatest ensemble. There is nothing subtle about these shoes, as the colorful, bright brass-gold colored adornments ensure that they are a truly eye-catching accent. The shoes are made from polyurethane, a faux leather material that features a rustic, dark brown coloration. The shoes are best defined as pumps, being close-toed slip-ons with ankle straps, which are fastened via florally styled steampunk buckles. Adorning the body of the shoe are golden-yellow patterns, styled after curling wisps of flame and wave, which add a colorful accent to the shoe and its look. These pumps also feature a 4 inch heel. They are perfectly styled for steampunk looks, although if you are bold and daring, these Vintage Steampunk Heels are also a classy choice to wear with your casual or semi-formal looks, too, especially if you are looking to make a truly bold statement.

Key Features:

  • A Pair of Steampunk Styled Pumps
  • Made from Leather-Like Polyurethane
  • A Close-Toed Shoe with a 4 Inch Heel
  • Decorated with Ankle Straps and Steampunk Buckles
  • Designed to be High Quality Footwear
  • Perfect for Steampunk Styles and Daring, Contemporary Looks


  • Standard US Womens Shoe size. Runs true to size, these are not available in Wide or Narrow, just Standard.


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