Viking Stitched Leather Stud Bracelet

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Whether you are dressing up in a Viking costume for a party or just want to adopt some Norse style into your wardrobe, look no further than the Viking Stitched Leather Stud Bracelet. This bracelet makes a great addition to any outfit. This bracelet includes stitching and leather in a Viking style that allows it to be an attractive and comfortable accessory. The bracelet is based on popular designs during Viking times. This bracelet comes supplied on a card that features information about history.

There are two different styles of this bracelet, one in light brown with crisscross stitching and one in dark brown with V stitching. If you would like to check availability of a particular style, please call.

Key Features:

  • Features stitched leather stud bracelet
  • Includes information card
  • Displays a Viking design
  • Makes a great gift or wardrobe addition
  • Perfect for history enthusiasts


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