Viking Ship Pendant – Silver Finish

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You may not have the luxury of riding on a Viking longship wherever you go, but you can wear one around your neck in the form of this Viking Ship Pendant, in the hopes that it will lend speed and swiftness to whatever journeys you might undertake. Viking longships were known for being swift and, more importantly, shallow-bottomed and stable, which allowed them to take their grand vessels onto the ocean and up rivers, which ensured that while other raiders were limited to what horses or hands could carry, Vikings could hit villages and cart away far more, with greater speed and swiftness. This is why they were feared, after all. This impressive pendant depicts a frontal view of what a Viking longship might have looked like. The angle gives a good look at the bow of the ship, showing the ships stem and hull, as well as a line of Viking shields that are resting along the fore of the ship. Along the center mast, a sail is held up to keep the Viking ship moving forward at a steady clip. The pendant has a rich silver hue, which comes from its all-metal construction as well as from its attractive silver plating. It is a simple and stylish little pendant that’s double-sided, featuring the same image on both sides. Given that men and women can both share a love of Vikings, both sexes can enjoy this pendant with ease. Please note that it does not include a necklace, though a chain can be purchased separately on this site. Vikings were a fearsome bunch of raiders, although they typically gave the world as much as they took. One thing that they did give was this impressive Viking Ship Pendant, with its gleaming silver finish and its stunning Viking style.

Key Features:

  • Features Impressive Detailing
  • A Double Sided Pendant
  • Crafted from Solid Metal
  • Plated with 0.925 Sterling Silver
  • Great for Casual Wear
  • Can Be Worn by Both men and women
  • Chain Not Included


  • Height: 2 Inches
  • Diameter: 1.375 Inches


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