Viking Coppergate Thimble

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The Viking Coppergate Thimble is a miniature replica that is modeled after the helmet found in Coppergate, York, in 1982. This impressive replication comes contained in a clear acetate box that also includes an interesting informational card. Recreated as a thimble, this miniature replication features much of the detail found on the original helmet, minus the Latin inscription that was found on the original. This thimble is typical of Viking helmet design, featuring a reinforced crown with cheek protectors and a nose guard. The thimble measures approximately 2.5 centimeters tall and is made entirely from lead-free pewter. If you want, you can put this helmet to use as a working thimble whenever you pick up the needle to sew, or you can just set this little Viking Coppergate Thimble on your shelf and let it add a subtle touch of Viking style to your decor.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Lead-Free Pewter
  • Looks Just Like A Viking Helm
  • A Functional and Fun Sewing Accessory
  • A Great Gift or Personal Item
  • Comes with Historical Information


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