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While pillaging can be fun, sometimes it is nice to just go get your food and furs at the local market instead, where a civil interaction can yield as much profit as a brutal raid, with half the stress. Go prepared to bargain with the Viking Coin Set. This set of 24 zinc-alloy coins is composed of ten copper coins, eight silver coins, and six gold coins. The copper coins have a triquetra on the front and a Viking sword surrounded by Nordic runes on the back, while the fronts of the silver pieces have a smaller triquetra, also surrounded by Nordic runes, and an engraving of Mjolnir on the back. The faces of the gold coins depict a horned figure, and the back depicts an ornate Nordic knotwork design. The Viking Coin Set makes a fantastic accessory for any tabletop game that is set in medieval Norse culture, and it is also great for Viking roleplay or as a set of collectibles.

Key Features:

  • Comes as a set of 24
  • Includes 10 copper coins, 8 silver coins, and 6 gold coins
  • Beautifully crafted in rich detail
  • Perfect for tabletop gaming


  • Crafted from zinc alloy


  • Copper: Diameter – 0.93 Inches, Thickness – 0.12 Inches
  • Silver: Diameter – 1.04 Inches, Thickness – 0.12 Inches
  • Gold: Diameter – 1.16 Inches, Thickness – 0.12 Inches


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