Victorian Key Ornament Set



The key to a joyful holiday is to be merry and of good cheer, although having a few handsome keys floating around does not hurt any, either! And with this Victorian Key Ornament Set, you can deck the halls with classic keys all you want, and more! Like so much that came out of the Victorian era, even keys could be considered works of art, featuring elaborate heads that demonstrate how truly elegant and attractive something as simple as a key can really be. Rendered into ornaments, these impressive shapes serve to take your decoration back a few hundred years, bringing to life the elegance of the old Victorian era. This set of ornaments consists of five different keys, each one as varied and as unique as the next. Some keys are patterned after traditional skeleton keys, while others are more elaborate, showing signs of being made for a very specific lock. Each key ornament is crafted from quality, stiffened 3/4 oz. leather, just as each one is hand painted in one of three different colors, those gold, silver, or even dark bronze, for that old, antiqued look. Please note that the key ornaments do not come with hanging hooks. Each ornament is one-sided, and due to the process used to shape and craft them, they may feature some slight scorch marks on the reverse side. The keys come in a variety of shapes and range from 3 to 5 inches long. This ornament set is exclusive to our shop and is hand crafted right here in the USA. Do you want to unlock the secret to a happy holiday? Or perhaps you simply seek the key to stylish decorating? Either way, you can bet that this Victorian Key Ornament Set will serve you well when it comes to creating a stunning display at any time of the year.

Key Features:

  • Crafted Right Here in the USA
  • Inspired by Shape and Form of Old Victorian Keys
  • Made from Stiffened 3/4 oz. Leather
  • Comes as a Set of Five Ornaments
  • Available in 3 Colors
  • Great for the Holiday Season
  • A Fun Gift to Give or a Great Adornment to Decorate With


  • Length: Varies Between 3 to 5 Inches


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