Victorian Flight Steampunk Necklace


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Have you earned your wings yet? This Victorian Flight Steampunk Necklace is a fantastic amalgam of natural flight and steampunk ingenuity, fusing feathered wings to a clockwork gearbox to create an impressive flying machine! The pendant is crafted entirely from lead free metals and has a round shape. Multi-colored gears lay just within to complete the clockwork style, while twin feathered wings extend out from either side. Engraved into the ring of the pendant are the numbers 1 through 31. Included with the pendant is a chain for easy wearing. Earning your wings has never been easier thanks to this Victorian Flight Steampunk Necklace – just put this pendant on and you will be ready to go with your own set of silver steampunk wings!

Key Features:

  • Made from lead free alloy
  • Suitable for everyday wear
  • Includes the chain for easy wearing
  • Consists of a clockwork pendant flanked by feathered wings
  • Features intricate detailing
  • A fantastic personal accessory or gift idea


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