Venetian Pirate Mask

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This impressive mask molds a historic tradition with pirate-like style to create a mask that is truly impressive to behold. This Venetian Pirate Mask is a new take on a classic carnival mask, one that features colors typically associated with pirates. This pirate-styled mask consists of a molded black domino eye mask that features braided black and gold trim around its cat-like eyes, as well as bolder black and gold trim along the outer edges of the mask. Elegant lace trim adorns the forehead, while one eye is covered by a sheer mesh eye-patch that is decorated with a skull and crossbones applique. On one side of the mask is a cluster of decorations, consisting of black lace, floral sequin, black and silver coins, a red jewel, and a fanning of feathers and ribbon streamers. When worn, this mask is designed to cover only the upper part of the face, including the eyes and the nose. The Venetian Pirate Mask is just what a pirate would need if they wanted to infiltrate a wild and raucous celebration, especially if they wanted to have their own midnight rendezvous with a special someone, or a big haul of expensive plunder.

Key Features:

  • A Venetian Mask With Impressive Pirate Decorations
  • Uses a Molded Black Domino Mask As Its Base
  • Features Coin, Feather, and Lace Decorations Across its Surface
  • One Eye is Covered by a Sheer Eye Patch with a Skull and Crossbones Decoration
  • Looks Great with Virtually Any Pirate Styled Costume
  • Also a Fun Piece of Jewelry to Wear with Masquerade or Carnivale Costumes


  • Base Made from Hardened Felt Fabric
  • Accented with Satin Ribbons, Lace Trim, and Faux Feathers
  • Coins Crafted from High-Quality Plastic


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens

1 review for Venetian Pirate Mask

  1. Felicity W.

    I loved this mask for my pirate masquerade party, My only problem was the one feather was positioned where it kept getting stuck in my mouth. Other than that minor detail it was beautiful and very high quality!

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