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Veleno Elvish Arrows – Set of 6

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Just as the arrow of an elf is unmistakable, so too is the arrow of their darker cousin. Every bit as striking as their brighter cousins, these Veleno Elvish Arrows are six projectiles that are sure to stun and awe those who see them. Crafted from poplar, the Veleno is a premium arrow right out of fantasy. Its dyed black shaft lends it stealth, while the contrasting curves of the red and black camouflage fletching offers a splash of color visible even when in flight. Red wrap reinforces the self-nock. Of course, the Veleno Elvish Arrow is not purely for show – it is tipped with a deadly conical bodkin point that makes every bit as effective and deadly as an elf-arrow should be!

Key Features:

  • Hand-crafted entirely in farm raised poplar wood
  • High quality – very durable and shoots extremely well
  • Sold in a set of 6 arrows
  • Each set is hand-spined to 5 pound groupings
  • Arrows have a 31 inch draw
  • Each arrow has a red-wrapped reinforced self-nock
  • Tipped with conical bodkin style point
  • Has a black stained finish with red and black curved fletching
  • Great for target shooting, competition, hunting, and practice


  • Arrow Length: 31 Inches


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