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US Navy Officers Sword

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We are especially proud to bring you fully approved dress and drill sabers and swords. We?know our fighting men ask for and deserve the very best. We would be equally proud to deliver to you any of the standard military dress sabers and swords used in the Armed Forces today. Each fine saber and sword is manufactured according to exact government specifications. All blades are high polished stainless steel, detailed and appropriately etched according to government specifications. We guarantee that your military personnel, drill teams, students, graduates, and customers will be completely satisfied with these sabers and swords. Please specify blade length, 28, 30, 32, or 34 inches. Each sword includes the government scabbard. USN in filigree work on the hilt.

Made by Windlass.

Key Features:

  • Made according to Government specifications
  • Available in 4 blade lengths
  • Perfect for soldiers and military ensembles


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