Universal German WWII Holster


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If you are carrying a pistol, even a blank firing pistol or non-firing replica, it is a good idea to have an appropriate holster. The Universal German WWII Holster is a great way to carry a traditional German pistol. This military style holster is made from heavy duty black leather and secures onto the belt, allowing you to carry the German pistol of your choice with comfort and ease. The holster is designed to fit Walther P38 pistols, as well as Luger P08 pistols with a barrel length of 4 inches. The holster also features a full-flap cover with a secured latch, as well as an extra clip pouch, for keeping a second clip ready to go at your side. This holster is only available in a right hand draw. Pair this Universal German WWII Holster with a typical WWII German pistol and you have an instant classic that hails back to the days of World War II, making this perfect for both collectors and reenactors.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Heavy Duty Black Leather
  • Fits Walther P38 Pistols and Luger P08 Pistols
  • Features a Full-Flap Cover with Leather Fastener
  • Has an Extra Magazine Pouch
  • Right Side Draw Only
  • Great for Collectors, Gun Enthusiasts, and Reenactors


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