Union Infantry Officer’s Kepi


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The kepi was the traditional cap not only of Union soldiers, but also of some Union officers as well! This cap has all the form of a typical Union kepi, while also featuring ornate details fit for an officer. This Union Infantry Officers Kepi is made from 100 percent quality wool and has a dark blue color that perfectly matches the hue of a typical Union soldier uniform. It features a traditional leather visor, as well as a chin strap, a sweat band, and a silk lining for added comfort. It also features appropriate brass buttons as added decoration. Unlike the typical Union soldier kepi, which was usually plain or adorned only with a unit insignia, this kepi features posh braided designs in yellow-gold that adorn the surface of the hat, giving it a look that immediately sets it apart from a typical soldier cap. This Union officer kepi is available in three sizes, medium, large, or x-large. Pair this impressive Union Infantry Officers Kepi with a true blue Union uniform, and you will have a look fit for an officer, as well as a great costume to wear the next time you head out to your local or favorite Civil War reenactment!

Key Features:

  • Historic Hat Worn by Union Officers
  • Made from 100 Percent Blue Wool Fabric
  • Features a Leather Visor
  • Silk Lining, Chin Strap, and Sweat Band Improve Comfort
  • Adorned with Attractive Gold Officer Braiding


  • Medium: Fits a 7.1 Inch to 7.25 Inch Head Measurement
  • Large: Fits a 7.4 Inch to 7.5 Inch Head Measurement
  • X-Large: Fits a 7.6 Inch to 7.75 Inch Head Measurement


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