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As a testament to the knowledge and skill of the ancient Egyptians when it came to embalming, we give you the Tutankhamun Mask. The mummy was a zombie the day it was buried, and yet it is still alive and ticking, metaphorically speaking. Is this undead creature a zombie or a mummy? It could be defined as both. The masks skin is desiccated and dried up, featuring an almost leather-like appearance that is not all that dissimilar to the skin of a crocodile. White bandage wraps encircle the head and neck, a single band crosses over the nose to connect the upper wrapping to the lower wrapping. The eyes sockets are sunken and rimmed in black, while the eyes themselves are orange-colored orbs with triangular pupils. The mummys nose is stunted and flat, while two large gashes mar the side of the face. The mouth opens wide to reveal a crimson tongue as well as slightly decayed teeth attached to rotting gums. This mask is made from high-quality latex. It covers the entire head, neck, and upper collar. For an authentic and truly ancient zombie look, turn to the Tutankhamun Mask.

Key Features:

  • An Ancient Egyptian Zombie Mask
  • An Impressive Undead Appearance
  • Great for Concealing Your Face
  • Goes Great with an Assortment of Horror Costumes
  • Fantastic For Zombie Walks, Outbreaks, and Undead Events


  • Made from High-Quality Latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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