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Tungsten Viking Scrollwork Ring

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The craftsmanship of Vikings has been unmatched by practically any other group throughout history. Only a ring with the look and artistry of this Tungsten Viking Scrollwork Ring would be fit for one of those legendary Nordic warriors. Crafted from cobalt-free tungsten carbide, this ring features a construction that is two times stiffer than steel. Using this extremely hard metal makes the ring much less prone to scratching or losing its shape over the years. Etched with a laser, the designs on this ring mimic striking Viking carvings and scrollwork interlaced with artistic images of wolves. This Tungsten Viking Scrollwork Ring is designed with comfort, utility, and style in mind, making it the perfect way to show your Nordic heritage or love of Vikings in your everyday wardrobe.

Key Features:

  • Made with comfort and durability in mind
  • Laser brushed designs depict Viking scrollwork
  • Tough metals are more resistant to scratching and deforming
  • A stunning and comfortable ring for everyday wear


  • Made from cobalt-free tungsten carbide


  • The ring runs true to traditional US ring sizes.
  • Band Width: 9mm


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